Shells in the background

There have been plenty of times on our blog where we’ve discussed how you can use shells as decorations and many of the things you can use them for. While the right combination of shells can make for an amazing centerpiece or focal point – sometimes shells work best when they’re in the background – used to help bring other, more prominent items in your space to life. We’re talking about using shells as accents.

Today – we’re going to discuss some of the way you can use shells as accent pieces – not  as the stars of the show. Using shells in this way can really bring a coastal space to new heights. Let’s jump right in!

Book ends

One of the more interesting and subtle ways to use seashells as accents is to use them as bookends. If you’re looking for one of those compelling ways to really bring a beach-front common space together – using shells in this way and manner can really do the trick. Especially when you’re finding that there’s a lot of deadspace in your reading area – shells can be a spectacular way to add a stunning accent that also serves a functional purpose.

Seashell candles

One of the coolest ways we’ve seen shells used is as candles – large, small and otherwise! Yes, believe it or not you can fill and shell with wax and toss in a wick and what you end up with are killer looking candles that can be used anywhere. You can use them in a bathroom setting for a relaxing night of self-care, on the patio to really bring home that coastal feel or even on your dining room table to help bring ambiance to an otherwise hum-drum meal. 

Corks and bottle covers

Hard to think of anything more ‘beach’ than the good, old idea of the message in a bottle! And let’s be honest-  the bottle and the beach go hand in hand if you catch our drift. However one of the cooler things you can use shells for is – believe it or not – a stunning cork. A seashell accent with your cork will not only make them seem more grainy and authentic but also more functional. Shells serve as excellent cork holders and will make it a 00% easier for you to be able to get to the goods. Even if those bottles are simply decorative pieces – the right shell can really help the bottle pop!

Do you have any ideas as to what you think the best seashell accents are? We want to hear about them! Leave yours below and in the meantime, if you need discount wholesale shells and shell accessories – give us a call today! Until then – good luck!

A few tips for staying safe on the beach

Every trip to the beach can and should be fun. The sun, the sand and most of all – the shells! However, the beach isn’t unlike any other place – as it comes with its fair share of dangers as well. Today – we’re going to discuss a few safety tips that will be of use to you the next time you decide to hit the beach for a vacation. Let’s jump right in!

Try to stay in the vicinity of a lifeguard

Lifeguards exist for a reason and that’s primarily because the ocean can be unpredictable. One strong undertow, someone swims out just a little too far or perhaps its someone not being careful about what they’re doing. Whatever it is- accidents can happen fast and if they do – you’ll want to be near someone who is trained to help them. Lifeguards know the area, they know the dangers – so be sure to not stray too far from their view. 

Swimming with the buddy system

Never go swimming in the ocean alone. Especially if you have kids – have them team up if they want to go into the water. That way you know you’ve got them watching each other at all times. Everyone can count on a friend in the event that the worst happens.

Wearing sandals and shoes

Sand seems soft and inviting – especially in all those pictures! But guess what guys! It can be not so fun! Hot sand is not fun. Stepping on broken shells – not fun! If there’s jellyfish or anything else washed up on the beach that can sting your feet – that’s even more not fun than the other not fun things! And that’s not getting into wood, glass and anything else that could potentially be swept up in the sand. You should absolutely and always wear protective footwear. 

Know the rules

Beaches have rules for a reason. And certain beaches have certain rules for very certain reasons. Be sure you read up in advance or take a minute to see what those rules are. They can dictate more than where you go and what you do – they can also give you indicators as to the swimming conditions and the like. Make sure you know the rules!

Wear sunblock

Especially for our more fair skinned readers – make sure you wear sunscreen. You’ll get your vitamin D in a matter of minutes – but too much of a good thing can be really bad – even on cloudy days. Just be sure you get the kind of sunscreen that’s right for your skin.

We hope you found today’s blog helpful. On your next big trip to the beach, hopefully you’ll have the safety basics out of the way so you can spend more time focusing on what matters – and that’s having fun and making memories. Good luck!

The basics about shelling

Shelling is an awesome family activity in the summer and can be the perfect way to to kickstart any day when you’re on vacation. Today, we’re going to talk about the basics – what you need, when to go and how to find the best possible spots to find the best possible shells. 

Let’s jump right in!

What you need

We definitely recommend a few basics if you’re going to go shelling. First, you’ll want to be wearing sandals. Some areas of the beach will be covered in debris that might not feel great on the feet – and sometimes you’ll be tromping around during tide times – meaning jellyfish and other stingy-sea creatures might be laying about. So make sure your feet are protected. 

Second, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a bucket for your shells, but we also recommend bringing a sieve and a scoop. Some of the best shells can get a bit buried, so this will allow you to potentially find some interesting jems. For you older folks, having that scoop might help with constantly having to bend down. 

Going at the right time

It’s mostly a universally accepted rule that the best time to shell is at low-tide or when the water is going out. Most shells make their way up onto the beach during those times. The other best time to go shelling? Any time after a full moon or a big storm. Storms in particular cause a lot of ocean churn, which will in turn wash up a ton of shells onto the beach. And last but not least – try going earlier in the morning. Perhaps even pack a nice beach picnic! That way, you’ll get to the shells before anyone else does. 

Finding the best spots

Some shellers hoard their prime shelling spots like government secrets so good luck getting any info out of them! However, sound shelling spots are often places a little bit more off the beaten path – particularly to less popular beaches where there’s less overall human traffic on the beach. Also don’t sleep on state parks – particularly in areas down south in Florida and along the gulf coast. Also don’t be afraid to check out smaller alcoves and inlets as some great shells wash up and get stuck there. 

Hopefully this will give you a great start in your shelling adventures this summer. Again – shelling is an awesome activity. Not only is it stimulating and great exercise but you can use seashells for so many other activities – particularly if you’re the crafty type. In any event, we hope you found today’s blog helpful and we’ll look forward to speaking with you again soon! Happy shelling!

Using shells as accents

Most people are pretty great at collecting shells – even some of the more rare species. However, what one actually does with them once they get them; well, that’s another question unto itself. Today, we’re going to share with you a few things that you can do with those shells as well as share some creative ways you can not only put them on display, but use them as useful decorations. 

Let’s jump right in!

Shelf aware

If you’re looking to add a little extra coastal flair to a room, then using shells as an accent on your shelves is a great way to do so. Shells can be used as bookends, in baskets as centerpieces or even as stand-alone pieces to bring a little bit more fun and flair to the place they’re sitting at. Shells can add zip to any boring corner of the room. 


Most shells tend to come in more earthy tones – which means they’re more neutral colors. So while they can certainly add flair, they won’t do so to the degree that they’ll become a distraction. As such, they can be a great addition to something like a mirror or picture frame. Especially if you’re going for more of a beachy feel in your room of choice, this can be a great way to get people thinking of the sun and sand. 

Desk sets

Shells often walk the line of dramatic and classy, yet cool and relaxing. They can certainly be that in any home office setting. Whether it’s filling decorative jars, using them as a catch-all bin or using them as classier paperweights, shells fill a variety of purposes in a workspace. So whether you’re looking for something that looks high end or just something fun to take the edge off, consider using seashells in your home office setting. 

Life in the clouds

Perhaps the best place of all to use shells as decorations is in the bedroom. There are so many ways to use them – from things like bowls for earrings or just a nice bedside accent. Some folks even like to get creative and turn them into jewelry. Shells can make fun earrings, necklaces and hair ties as well. Be sure to use them for whatever it is you’re looking to achieve. 

Hopefully, you found today’s blog helpful. If you’re interested in what shells can be used for or are in the market for wholesale seashells, give us a call today. Until then, enjoy life and good luck!

Are you considering a move to the beach?

Even though our primary occupation is wholesale seashells, we’re beach enthusiasts at heart and while for some folks – coastal living is a hobby, for others it’s a way of life. And for some, they quite literally want to make it their life by moving to the beach. 

Maybe you’ve been thinking about it, maybe you’re on the fence or maybe you’re ready to take the plunge; wherever you’re at in the decision making process, today’s blog is for you. Today, we’re going to talk about a few tips on moving to the beach and what you can expect. Let’s jump right in. 

Patience is truly a virtue

Expect that when you move, there’ll be a transition period where you’re getting used to a lot of things. There’s the new surroundings, new things and improvement projects to think about – and then well, simply moving into your new home. You’ll have to track things like tides and storm surges – and while yes – we’re all simply choosing the problems we choose to live with, living on the beach will come with its fair share and you’ll need to learn how to live with them.


We definitely suggest that if you’re planning on buying a beachfront home that you think about the amount of tourists that’ll be around your home. While we like to go to the beach to relax- at peak season in certain locales – it can be anything but relaxing. Just be sure you know what to expect!

Insurance is your friend

Just above we talked about some of the problems you’ll encounter – you’re 100% going to want to make sure that you’re properly insured. Just here in the Tampa, Florida region alone – you’re required to have wind, flood AND general hazard policies. Make sure you’re ensured in the event that the worst happens 

Restrictions and regulations

Whether it’s the beach or even lakefront property – you’re sure to encounter plenty of environmental regulations you may not have considered in the past. Be sure when you’re going through the search process that you get yourself up to speed on what regulations you’ll need to be cognizant of – how to manage things like septic systems, utilities and the like. Even things like outdoor lighting might be limited. So make sure you do your homework on the rules!

Other considerations

Beach homes are wonderful, but don’t forget – they’re exposed to the elements more than most. Cars will be exposed to more salt in the air. If you’re in Florida, hurricane shutters will be a must. Maintenance on you siding and windows could be more significant and frequent. While living at the beach is mostly gravy, just be prepared for some of those additional expenses. 

Look, at the end of the day it’s like we said above – we choose the set of problems we’re willing to deal with in life – and when it comes to living on the beach trust us when we say – there aren’t many! It’s a pretty spectacular existence. However, you will have things to consider and grapple with and it’s important to go into it with clear eyes and an understanding of what it entails. Hopeful you found today’s blog helpful and we’ll see you again next month!

When the weather won’t cooperate at the beach

We’re heading into April – which means just about everywhere it’s going to be the rainy season. And rain isn’t something we usually associate with the beach. But, for you shell-heads out there, you might be surprised. It’s a sneaky good season for shelling; but there’s also a good deal else you can be doing. Sure, we get it – being on vacation at the beach in the middle of a monsoon isn’t that high up our list; but we can’t control the weather. But we can control what we do and today, we’re going to share a couple of things you can do to stay occupied.

Here are a few of the things you can do at the beach when the weather is out there trying to dampen your mood. Let’s jump right in. 


We’ll just get this one right out of the way. If you want a mostly crazy shelling tip, then come close. The best time to go shelling is when it’s raining. Why? Sea churn. When it rains, the water churns and you never know what might make its way to shore. In fact right after storms, you’ll notice the shoreline is literally littered with all sorts of ocean treasures. So long as you don’t have to worry about lightning – throw on a poncho and go hit the beach and see if you can score some serious shells!

Cast a wider net

When you’re on vacation, being at the beach isn’t the only thing you can do. In almost every coastal town there’s plenty of businesses, shops and restaurants dotted up and down the cost to keep you busy and frankly – there’s no better time to visit them than now. From classic arcades to boutique shops – there’s always something going on!

Simply spending time with your family

The whole point of a beach front vacation is to spend time with the people who matter the most. And sometimes there’s something really powerful to be said for just hunkering down, playing some games, relaxing and just simply ‘being’ around each other. Sometimes the times where we take a little bit of a breather from activity are the times we’ll remember with each other the most. 

When the weather won’t listen, don’t get down. There’s lots you can do. Taking it easy and going with the flow can help you make the most out of your vacation. Enjoy your time off and good luck!

Tips for finding the best shells

The best part about shelling is the thrill of the hunt. Finding the big ones. Those gorgeous, once every 100 times out at the beach shells that you can repurpose for almost anything – centerpieces, crafts or just stand alone decorations. 

But how do you find them? Well, we did some browsting of some of the best shelling blogs on the internet and have put together a brief blog outlining some of the best possible tips to find the best possible shells. Let’s jump right in!

Hunting for shells after a storm

One of the best times to go hunting for shells is after a storm. The more powerful the storm, the more powerful the currents and strong currents make for strong shelling – particularly if you’re out there looking for the bigger ones; as they’re more likely to get moved around and thrown up onto the beach. So if you’re on the lookout for something rare – venture out after a storm. 

Off season shelling

As we’ve discussed dozens of times on this blog, the ocean is beautiful year-round and that includes the offseason. But believe it or not – the ‘offseason’ might be prime time for rare shells. Not only do you have more churn in the ocean than during normal beach roaming months – but you’ll also have half the traffic – whether that’s other shellers or animals. And with more churn and less traffic – that means a higher volume of great shells to choose from. 

Tidal pools and marshes are hot spots

Enclaves, marshes and pools can be great places to find rare shells. However, we do leave this tip with a significant caveat – which is to check with local rules and regulations to make sure that you can comb those areas. Many ARE protected so we want to make sure that stays that way. Also be mindful that in these areas, the shells may already have an owner. If you find crabs, mussels, urchins and the like – leave them be. 

Full moon, full bucket

Full moons tend to produce extreme waves that will cause the churn we mentioned above and lead to better shelling conditions. Now when you combine that full moon with a low tide or a recent storm? You’ve got supreme rare shell finding conditions. 

Hopefully you avid shellers out there found this blog to be helpful. If you’re looking for bulk shells or souvenirs, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help. Until then – good luck!

The wonder of a winter beach vacation

Around this time every year, we like to talk about taking some time to hit the beaches in the winter time. Yes, down here in Tampa we have pretty pleasant weather year-round; but heading to the beach in the winter time just about anywhere can come with a range of benefits – including for you hardcore shelling afficianados – some great opportunities to pick your favorite shells.

Here are a few reasons you should consider a visit to the beach in the winter if you haven’t already. Let’s jump right in!

Deals, deals, deals!

The tourism industry has been hit hard enough by COVID, and as such, they’re trying to get people out of their homes and back to taking vacations. There’s plenty of deals to be had right now for travel as is – but for off-season deals? They’re even better. Most hotels, restaurants, B&B’s are going to be deeply discounted. You may be able to hack as much as half of your hotel budget off the bottom line and stay twice as long! Not a bad deal right?

Easy access

We love the beach and going at peak season is certainly fun, but the downside is you’ll have to deal with crowds. In the offseason? You can bank on having the run of the place. If you want to be left alone and enjoy some real relaxation, the winter time might be your best bet. You won’t be fighting for parking, you won’t be waiting for tables and you won’t be backed up in lines forever. 

Off the beaten path

Beachfront communities usually depend on tourism to sustain their economy, but the face they put on in peak season isn’t always the one you’d come to expect. In the offseason, you’ll get a more authentic experience, with all sorts of secrets that can only be experienced when you come in the offseason. You might even find yourself fitting in far better with the locals than you would otherwise. 


Locals are more relaxed in the winter. The setting will be more relaxed too. Not only will you likely be able to stay more and experience more, but you’ll also find yourself being able to experience many things that you likely wouldn’t have been able to afford or have time for in the peak season. If you’re looking for a vacation where you can really spread your wings, this is it!

Hopefully you found today’s blog helpful. If you’re looking for shell-themed goods and products, then give us a call today. Until then – good luck and happy shelling!

Should you buy wholesale seashells in bulk?

People like to buy seashells for a whole range of reasons – whether that’s to make their own, fancy craft decorations or to even start up their own small business. Like many things, the internet is full of folks who are selling seashells both at smaller volumes and in bulk.

But talk to the grizzle vets in the seashell world and they’ll tell you to buy in bulk. Why? We’ll that’s what we’re here to talk about today. Here are some of the reasons you should consider purchasing wholesale seashells in bulk. Let’s jump right in!

Easy to buy

Like we said earlier, you can find almost anything on the internet and it’s hard to find a place where you’ll get better prices and deals than in online stores. In addition, many places have extensive selection and collections, making it easier for you to pick and choose what you need. 

And even in today’s marginally backed up COVID slow supply chain world, shells are readily available in abundance as they’re not awaiting components from somewhere else. So even today, you can get your shells when you need them. 

Amazing deals and discounts

The whole purpose of buying wholesale seashells in bulk to begin with – is to save money. Shells for the most part – are pretty darn affordable – but buying in bulk can save you even more money. One of our favorite tricks is to research bargain and discount deals. It’s pretty easy to find the kinds of shells you’re looking for at dirt cheap prices, so don’t just flock to the easiest, most convenient site – take your time and do some digging and you can find some truly insane deals. 

The pick of the proverbial litter

While going to the beach is always a blast – you can save yourself the time and effort by simply going out and shopping on your own. And especially if you’re in an area where you’re less likely to find the kinds of shells you want or need to complete a potential project or craft; shopping for wholesale seashells in bulk online can help fill in the proverbial gaps. 

As you can see, purchasing wholesale seashells in bulk online can help solve a lot of potential issues for seashell-o-philes. If you’re interested in shells for your next project or idea, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help. Until then – good luck and happy shelling!

Why you should always clean your seashells

Whether you’re planning on making crafts from shells you picked up at the beach or are simply buying wholesale seashells in bulk – you’ll always want to make sure that you clean your shells. Why? Not so much because there’s any real danger or hygiene issues associated with dirty shells – but rather that shells have an underlying, brilliant beauty that given some care and attentiveness – can make your crafts really pop. 

Today, we’re going to talk about some of the ways you can clean shells, eliminate any prospective odors and really bring a next level shine to your next craft project. Let’s jump right in!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Bleach
  • Water
  • A glass or plastic bowl
  • A disposable/extra toothbrush
  • A little dish soap
  • Paper towels for drying
  • Mineral oil (For food only. Avoid olive oil and/or vegetable oil)

We generally recommend mixing both equal parts bleach and water in a container. Toss in your seashells and let them stand for one hour. Once you’ve given it some time, remove a few of the shells and take a look at whether or not they’re still dirty. If they are, put them back in for another 10-15 minutes. It not, it’s ok to proceed to the next step. 

What you’ll want to do is fish out your seashells and lay them on a towel. Toss the water/bleach mix and fill up a separate container with warm soapy water using the dish soap we mentioned earlier. Wash your shells off – and make sure you get all of the remaining dirt and crud removed from their surface. In between dunks, use your toothbrush to get into all the small, hard-to-get-to crevices. 

Rinse them one last time and then leave them to air dry on a paper towel. Give it an hour or two. When your shells are dry, it’s then time to add the mineral oil. Again – avoid cooking oils like Vegetable or Olive oil. Put a tiny bowl of mineral oil off to the side and lightly buff your shells with said oil. 
And there you go – some shells that will really bring a ton of shine to any room! From there, it’s really up to you. Use the shells as crafting items – whether it’s frames, mirrors or set pieces. Some even like using them as a centerpiece decoration all in a bowl together. Whichever you choose we promise – they’ll look great!

So whether you pluck your shells straight off the shore or purchase wholesale seashells in bulk – we always recommend that you clean them in this way and manner. You’ll help to uncover  beauty that few things can compare to. Good luck!

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