Wholesale Seashells: Plan an Under the Sea Party

Wholesale Seashells Parties

There are many ways to plan and decorate a creative party for children and adults. We are excited to share how you can set up an Under the Sea party for your children’s birthday. It can also be used for a baby shower or a creative house warming party with adult attendees. Our wholesale seashells with ocean themed food and decorations will be the talk of the year. Place an order on our website or give us a call at 1-888-425-8373 today!

Under the Sea Decorations

  • The use of white and turquoise colors will resemble the ocean and sand at a beach. Use a tulle and net to cover the top of the party tables whether the party will be inside or outdoors.
  • Spread cut and sliced shells, dyed and colored shells and starfish on the table to add to the Under the Sea party theme.
  • Place annulus shell mats on the table under a plate of food and card holders can be used to hold the names of each pot of food which is helpful vegetarians and red meat dishes. Use your resources to create printed signs and draw waves on the signs to match the theme of the party.
  • Hang Shell Chandeliers around the house, hang beach towels in the bathrooms, and place beach themed drink ware on the table to impress your guests.

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Under the Sea Treats

  • The long list of food that you can serve at this party is endless. A popular ocean themed treat is called edible ocean sea glass.
  • Make homemade chocolate sea shells using plastic seashell chocolate molds. The chocolate covered treats will be a creative addition to the sweet treats. Sprinkle graham cracker crumbs with brown sugar underneath the deserts to give it a sand like appearance. Adults will appreciate a twist of “seaweed” popcorn with different colors.

Don’t forget to include wholesale seashells coolies for your guests that are planning to enjoy a cold beer.

Under the Sea Dinner

A party during lunch time is a good way to get your guests and their children home safely before it gets too late. If you are planning a party dinner for a mature or adult crowd, here are a few tips to use:

A taco bar with different toppings for vegetarians and red meat lovers is a start. Add all of the ingredients on your ocean themed table. This gives people a chance to eat, chat and choose taco options they desire.

Under the Sea Cake

Visit your local bakery or take the time to find an ocean inspired cake at the grocery store. Each layer can have a different color such as blue, white and turquoise.

Graham crackers and brown sugar lightly sprinkled on the top of the cake will resemble the rich sand at a beach.

Who to Call for Wholesale Seashells

Do you need help with more wholesale seashells? Remember to call us and we will help you with ideas to make your party a success.