Wholesale Seashells: Exclusive Deals

The Wholesale Seashells Deals For You

Your customers want wholesale seashells to throw a party with, put a smile on a sea lovers face, to decorate their home and give a souvenir to a family member that lives in a different country. A specialty store that has all the seashell themed gifts that you need are here at Blue Seas Trading Co. Don’t spend time driving around your city trying to find Christmas ornaments, trendy drinkware, beach towels, photo frames and much more.

We included a list of gifts for you to place in your retail stores and online website that your customers and wholesale seashell buyers will appreciate. Call us now at 1-888-425-8373 to place an order!


The election ballots are in! Whether you are a Trump or Hilary supporter, your customers can celebrate the win and love for our great nation with this U.S. towel. It can be placed in the bathroom for show, given to a friend that received their Citizenship or as a gift this Christmas. Be creative and have fun!


A first gift for a little girl, a birthday present for a customers mother or a unique gift for a grandmother. Your customers can place their earrings, rings, bracelets, buttons and sentimental gifts in these jewelry boxes to pass down to generations to come.


Not all of your customers will have a chance to visit the beautiful island of St. Croix or San Antonio but the plastic name drops that we sell will make them feel special.

Seashell Lights

This wholesale seashell piece of art is one of a kind. Children love it, adults appreciate the art and beach lovers are reminded of the Atlantic Ocean. Your customers can place it in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or living room. Add these lights to your shopping cart and place them in the front of your retail store.


Mothers Day and Fathers Day may have passed but its not too late to show your parents love. Add these mini cups and magnets to stocking stuffers. The holidays are almost here and your customers are searching for affordable deals. Take advantage of these mini gifts customers can share with coworkers, classmates and neighbors.

Our Wholesale Seashells Company

The Blue Seas Trading Co. team wants to wish you an early Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas. Fill your stores with our wholesale seashells merchandise to help create long lasting memories for your customers.