Wholesale Seashells: Native People’s Connection to Islands

A New Way to Look at Wholesale Seashells

Here’s a wholesale seashell interesting story: Before Dubai and China made artificial islands, the native people called the Calusa were the first to build a kingdom on seashells.

There are artificial islands that China and Dubai claimed as territory to attract tourists to visit. Before this historical event rocks and natural materials were used to make land rise from the ocean.

One example of this is the southwest region of Florida where Native Americans that lived in the area using hundreds of seashells to build an island located near Fort Myers Beach. Many people flocked here because it was considered a fishing village that eventually turned into a political region. It is 125 acres and is 30 feet above land where 1,000 people lived.

The History of Seashell Made Islands

It is called Mound Key and was the Calusa Kingdom that Spanish explorers visited in 1513. The native warriors managed to scare away invaders. At that time the Spanish conquistadors brought disease that wiped out the livelihood of the native people. By 1750 the tribe died of diseases, and Mound Key became a place that pirates and fishers visited per the Florida State Parks records. After this event, homesteaders sold it to a group of explorers in 1905. When the 1960s arrived, it transitioned into a state park.

Wholesale Seashells Research Findings

More recently our wholesale seashells team found a publication that a research team working with the University of Georgia is reviewing samples and excavations. On April 28th, the team published a journal that stated over centuries ago there was a change of environment in this location. One of the researchers named Victor D. Thompson stated, “This study shows peoples’ adaptation to the coastal waters of Florida, that they could do it in such a way that supported a large population. The Calusa were an incredibly complex group of fisher-gatherer-hunters who had an ability to engineer landscapes. They were terraforming.”

More About Mound Key

The Island Mound Key consists of bones, seashells and natural objects the Calusa people developed with their hands. Thompson mentions “If you look at the island, there’s symmetry to it, with the tallest mounds being almost 10 meters (32 feet) high above modern sea level. You’re talking hundreds of millions of shells. … Once they’ve amassed a significant amount of deposits, then they rework them. They reshape them.”

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