Shelling for beginners part-1

Collecting, selling, buying and decorating with seashells is just flat-out fun and easy to get into no matter your age. For those looking to get the best out of their presumably new experience, we’ve got a fun two-part blog for you based on some tips we’re willing to share out to folks new to the hobby. Let’s jump right in!

Tip #1 – The best time to go shelling

Beaches can change every day, but as such – tide charts are usually your best bet when attempting to identify the best time to go shelling. Generally speaking, however – an hour before or after low tide is almost always the best time to search for shells 

Tip #2 – If you can, stay closer to the beach

Shelling is fun, but more shelling is more fun. The more time you have to quite literally pound the sand, the more likely you are to find the kinds of shells you want to. But from a purely logistical standpoint, you’ll also have early access to beach front in the morning and won’t have to participate in the daily parking battle.

Tip #3 – The Moon is your friend

Always try to keep an eye on the different phases of the moon. Full moons mean more extreme tides. The more extreme the tide – the better time it is for you to go shelling.

Tip #4 – Be careful how you clean your shells

There are all sorts of ways you can clean a sea shell. You can use water, water/bleach solutions… even muriatic acid solution. But be sure to do your homework on your shells because not all shells are compatible with those solutions and you may end up actually damaging some shells by doing that. Cleaning is a big part of this hobby – so make sure to do your studying

Tip #5 – Learn your shells

One of the most enjoyable aspects of shelling is the sheer volume and diversity of the shells that are out there. Hunting them down and trying to find the ones you want to add to your collection is well worth the time and energy. It’s also worth noting that it’s easier to find certain shells in certain locations; so knowing where to go and when can mean the difference between finding that last piece to a spectacular spread or not finding it at all. If you’re new to the game, easy to follow guides like this one can be invaluable.


Next week, we’ll come back with a few more tips n’ tricks that you can use to get off to a fun start shelling!