5 ways you can decorate using seashells

Part of the challenge for us shellers isn’t so much how we get and find our shells – but what you use them for once you get them. Today, we’ve got five decorative ideas as to how you can use your haul once you get it. From settling a room with a lot of pop to making busier places seem more relaxing, shells can fit a variety of needs – of which we’ll share with you today. Let’s jump right in!

Being a little more shelf aware

You can add a little coastal flavor to any room by decorating them with shells – discovered and otherwise. Especially when they’re added in baskets, as book ends or even as stand alone decorations, shells can add a pretty finish to almost any room.

Beautiful borders

Seashells tend to come in earthy tones – so especially when it comes to lighter, friendlier accents, shells can help keep a picture frame, mirror or border grounded by adorning them with shells. They can certainly add flair to any wall accent you have.

Desk sets

Nothing can take the edge off the workplace or home office like shells can. Whether it’s adorning your lamp with them, filling decorative jars or even using them as catch-all bins and baskets for the clutter our busier clients are bound to accumulate – they can take your productive spaces and give them a more relaxing or even a more edgy feel.

Toping it off

A new trend among more creative shellers has been to adorn bottle tops with shells. And they’re surprisingly practical as well – especially when you’re looking to give some added pop to your liquor cabinet or pry that pesky cork out of the top of a wine bottle. Attaching them is easy and it can add either a more modern, dynamic look or give some classical gravitas to your setting 

Bedside cameos

Shells can be used in all sorts of ways – from practical bowls for things like earrings, bracelets, cellphones, hair ties and the like – to just plain, old making your otherwise boring bedside décor pop a little more. Especially popular in beach side homes, shells can help bring your sleeping space to life!

Good luck and happy creating!