Seashell crafts that will make your summer memories last

As summer winds down – so does our shelling season. But what’s just getting started is the time to craft with all those shells you collected! The fall and winter are great times to create crafts, goods and other nick knacks that can help you remember the fun times and memories you created over the summer months. Whether its with family, friends or even your spouse – it’s a great time to make something special to share with those who matter the most.

Seashell ornaments

Nothing warms you up or makes you look back at those summer memories quite like seashells – and nothing will do the trick quite as well as making an ornament out of your seashells. They can be great gifts as well for your loved ones or the people who have shared in those memories with you.


With kids headed back to school, key chains are a nice add-on to a backpack or (feel the dread) – as a keychain for a first car. Then again – you’re worth taking care of, too! They make a nice accessory for your bag or tote as well!

Garden pots

Nothing can make your gardens pop in the grayer weather quite like a seashell adorned pot. They look incredible in the summer and during peak beach weather – but they can serve a purpose in the offseason as well!

Seashell Jewelry

An especially fun project to do with young kids – making jewelry can be a great bonding opportunity with your children. But don’t be fooled – it’s not just for the kids. You can add beautiful chains, add good-sized shells like mussel shells and create some truly beautiful pieces.

Shell wreath

Look if you’re in Florida like we are – or in another coastal area where maybe you don’t get a lot of snow and not as much cold – you always have to get a little creative in how you celebrate the holidays. And one way is to create a wreath out of seashells. We usually recommend mussels and clam shells just because they’re the biggest, but this can be done with just about anything.

What kinds of creative ideas do you have? Share them below!