What makes shelling so great?

Like a lot of people who get into shelling, we can’t really hide our problem. We really, really love it to the point where we’ve turned a hobby into a business. But the business alone isn’t why we do it. We do it because we love it.

And we think you might love it too. It’s more than just something to watch your kids do at a beach; it can be a hobby that can serve as a shared experience to create memories that will last forever. There’s so much to do, explore and the open-endedness of it all is what makes it so much fun. It can simply be whatever you want it to be.

So why do we like shelling so much? Why should you? Well, that’s what we’re here to talk about this month. Let’s jump right in.

Treasure hunter syndrome

Sand, mud, rocks, seaweed – you can see seashells everywhere. You can go every day and the landscape you combed yesterday is completely different from the one you traversed the day before. Some days you see nothing. Other days, you find a mother-load of great shells effortlessly. It’s fun and always ever-changing. 

Each shell is its own unique piece of art

The great thing about shells is that they’re all different – every single one of them. They can be used as stand alone pieces, they can compliment things in your house, they can be centerpiece art all on their own – the possibilities, interpretation and story behind each one is unique, interesting and valuable.

All the things you can do

One of the best things about shelling is that it’s not just A THING you can do, but it’s HOW you can do it and all the things you can do WITH the shells once you’re done. It’s a romantic night combing the beach with a spouse. It’s great to shell in solitude and just be left with your thoughts. It’s enjoyable in a completely different way with children and grandchildren.

And it’s not just who you do it WITH, it’s what you can do afterwards. Shells can be great décor. They can be bookends, paper weights, they can hold pens and pencils, coins, plants… they can be used to adorn mirrors, lamps, coffee tables – or if you’d like you can even make jewelry out of them. Some people use them as unique utensils in some cases. So long story, short – the possibilities of the who, what, where, why when and how are virtually limitless.