Shells as accents

We make no bones about it – we’re in the seashell collecting and decorating business, so it’s our job to get you excited about all the great décor that shells can bring to your living space. This month, we’re going to tighten up that focus a bit and talk a little bit about the many ways shells can be used to take those under the radar accents and make them that much better. You’d be surprised at some of the ideas that might be right under your nose that can take your beach-themed space to the next level

Let’s jump right in!

Shell candles

One of the most under appreciated uses for certain conch species of seashells is using them as candleholders. And yes – you heard that right. You can pour wax into the shells themselves and create spectacular looking decorations that can compliment any table setting – but even better – can be used in windows. They’re simple, sturdy, safe and stand next to no chance of causing any kind of a hazard.

And oh yeah – they look great.

Plant pots

One great way to accent any display is to use plants and flowers. Now imagine instead of using simple pots and vases – that you used an actual shell. Now while we wouldn’t recommend this solution for bold centerpieces, they make incredible accents. And what makes them even more fun is the bold colors that plants have- and the bold colors that shells have. Put the two together and you can add an incredible amount of pomp to almost any setting.

Light covers 

We recommend this more for say – Christmas lights – but if you really want to bring the intricate shapeliness of a shell to life through light- there’s simply no better way. Shells can often be applied to Christmas lights via simple adhesives. And those shells can take even the most menial colors and patterns – and make them pop all the more ferociously in even the simplest of spaces.

Bottle covers

Everyone loves the classic concept of the message in a bottle. Imagine bringing that to life with a cork fashioned with a shell! Not only will it make those bottles seem more earthy and authentic – but they make the bottles actually, well – useful. It’s easier to get the tops on an off and depending on what you want to put in them you can organize them simply – either through the shape or color of the shell itself.

Do you have any cool ideas as to how to use shells to accent your space? Let us know in the comments below!