When is the best time to go shelling?

One of the best aspects about shelling is the individualistic experience of it all – being able to tune out the outside world and enjoy something so rewarding at your own pace and at your leisure. But we want to give you a friendly warning – sooner or later you’re going to want to start raking in the bigger hauls! And getting those bigger, better hauls means being more efficient and tactical in the way you approach you shelling expeditions.

And that’s what we’re here to talk about today – when the best times are to go shelling in order to find the best possible shells.

Right after a storm

Storms are always a little more intense on the coasts, especially down here in the Florida Gulf Coast region, but they can be a boon to shell seekers everywhere. Storms cause oceans to churn and when oceans churn you get stronger tides and you’ll see more things that get washed up on a beach. Among those things are shells, which means not only a better selection, but better quality shells as well – which commonly get dug up from the ocean floor and make their way to shore.

Easterly winds

Storms aren’t the only things that can bring shells ashore. High winds are also a big help. When mother nature cues the winds eastward down here, you’ll notice a stronger tide and a more forceful, favorable tide. If you get out to the beach during low tide on those windy days, you’re sure to find the kinds of shells you’re looking for – in addition to some pleasant surprises as well!

Offseason months

We’re not the most sports-centric blog, but believe it or not, shelling follows a very similar pattern to baseball season, except flipped on its head. Colder, winter months – from November through March – are usually the best times to go shelling. The winter months are best because of #1 and #2 in this blog. There are higher winds and there are more storms in the winter months, with thinner, colder waters. That means larger shell piles to peruse to find the kinds of shells you’re looking for.

Shelling is really a recreational activity at heart – so the best time is always the time you just feel like doing it. But if you want to find the good stuff, focus your efforts on these three occurrences and you’ll find just what you’re looking for!