Four beach themed design tips

There’s nothing quite like the enjoyment and sense of relaxation someone can get from the beach. The good thing is – when it comes to your house, you don’t have to be on the beach to at least partially enjoy all the benefits of the serenity of the experience. Many people are choosing beach themed décor and you’re likely reading this post because you’re strongly considering doing the same.

Here are some tips to help enhance that beach theme in your house.

Finding art

The best art isn’t the stuff on paintings. It’s the stuff you just find. When you’re seaside, be sure collect a few pieces from the beach to bring home and use. It could be driftwood, pebbles, sea glass, shells – rocks – whatever you might find. Even better – you can use a lot of these materials in conjunction with each other in order to make some really wonderful accents and pieces.

Soft lighting

One of the main features of any theme is your lighting. And believe it or not, lighting isn’t always affected by electricity and sunlight. Sometimes it’s the overall tone of the room. Usually beach themes are bathed in soft lighting. This is why you see colors like white being the poster child for coastal interiors – because it spreads light. From the curtains, to facing mirrors at windows to boost the amount of light coming in – there are a myriad of things you can do to boost the overall look, feel – and yes – brightness of your space.

Colors of the sea

Choosing colors for a beach themed room is relatively easy because all you need to do is look to the beach for inspiration. Light, lazy blues, white and grainy browns for your sand… yellow and bold color juxtapositions in the sky. Our general rule of thumb is that the more crisp the color, the better. While it’s good to go earthy and authentic (we’ll get to that in a second), it’s the snap of clean, bold white sheets or tablecloths that can really bring your room together.

Getting grainy

Beaches are sandy, rocky and often give off an authentic, weathered feel. Beach décor is an interesting design scheme largely because it allows extremes like snapping colors and drift wood/rocks to exist in the same space and make each other better. Don’t be afraid to go with the worn look on many of your furniture selections and accents. It’ll give an organic, authentic feel to your surroundings.

Good luck with your new décor! Nothing beats the beach!