Must-have ingredients of any coastal kitchen

Whether it’s the place you call home year-round or your vacation spot – so much of our family life takes place in the kitchen. And like any setting, a coastal style home décor can make any space feel inviting.

Here are some key ingredients every coastal kitchen should have – a place that will always feel peaceful and give your guests a sense of relaxation and feeling right at home.

Coastal colors

You always want to go with the colors of the key elements in a coastal setting; colors that are inspired by the sand, sky and many tones of the water. Blue always works – as it checks so many individual boxes. Whether darker shades or softer tones – it’s the must-have color for any beach setting.

It’s not a bad idea to pair those blues with white color schemes – giving it a vivid pop of color – or perhaps more muted tons with complimentary shades of gray or yellow.

Types of tiles

When done correctly – tiles can be the star of your kitchen and when it comes to beach themes, the same rings true. Coastal designs afford you with the perfect opportunity to create backsplashes full of character and with lots of materials and colors to choose from. Do – however – be wary of choice paralysis! Shades of blue, green, gray and tan can help recreate rolling ocean waves. Various stones and treasure tones can help you craft unique mosaics. Whichever way you go – don’t be afraid to get creative!

Colored appliances

Using colored appliances is one of the most under-appreciated and under-utilized means of adding color pop to your space. Just one colored appliance can take your kitchen from just another coastal design to giving off a strong undertone of shabby chic. The colors – especially retro colors like beach blue, turquoise, mint green and gray can add a tremendous amount of contrast to your kitchen and give it that little something extra.

Never be afraid to use wood

No coastal kitchen is ever complete without the perfect wood accent. In fact, many designs today take their inspiration from drift wood that’s tumbled through the ocean, or that furniture that’s withstood years of beatings from the sun, salt and wind.

Simply put, unfinished wood that looks rough, raw and white washed can really bring your space together and give you a truly authentic, grainy look. If you’re going more modern, then polished wood floors and cabinets can help give you a greater sense of sophistication.