Underrated décor that should be part of any beach home

Beach themes have always been popular in homes, but a lot of times blogs only talk about the things that we expect to see – stuff like shells (hey, we still love ‘em), corals, bright colors and the like. This month, we’re here to discuss some off the radar items that you might not be thinking about that are not only versatile components of any beach design – but can also make a dramatic difference in your home’s overall feel and appearance.

Let’s jump right in!

Nautical maps

Nautical Maps are awesome because you can use them to literally do anyone of a dozen things with them. We’ve seen people use them as place mats, wall hangings, framed pictures, wraps around lamps, coasters – we’ve even seen them used as wallpaper. Yes, you read that right – wallpaper. One of the most underrated color schemes is dark blue on baby blue and with baby blue being such a staple color used in coastal homes, a darker shade of blue in nautical maps can really help mix up the look of your home.


Boat rope is not only one of the most useful tools you can have on the water – it is insanely useful when it comes to decorating your beach house. It can be used to hang things, it can be used as a barrier to a garden, and accent in the kitchen, something that you can use to hang lights from and more. Some of our most creative friends have found ways to use them as punk bed ties – saving space, adding support and creating a really cool look.


OK, so driftwood is probably at peak popularity from a design standpoint – but there’s just so much you can do with it, that it’s value shouldn’t be understated. We here at Blue Seas Trading however – think it’s application is best used outside. It can be assembled into benches, you can make some really cool an interesting table designs and you can use rounded drift wood as stools and end tables. Even better is the material’s durability. It’s already pretty weather beaten – and that’s the point, so there’s no constant cleaning to have to worry about. You also don’t need to sweat the salty air and elements that can sometimes get the better of exterior fixtures.

Up-cycled materials

One person’s sea junk is another person’s sea treasure – and when it comes to adding that extra level of beach happiness to your space, you’ll find a lot of value in sea junk. Chains? You can turn them into table or bed frames. Or just frames. Or simple accents, even.

Sconces can be made from brass marine fixtures. Flags can be used to give your wall that little extra something. Old buoys can make the best wall fixtures or centerpieces.

Our point is – everything can have meaning and everything can have a purpose in a beach themed house – and that’s what makes it fun. Hopefully, through reading this, you found a little added inspiration!