Four ways you can celebrate your love of seashells

Beach lovers can’t get enough of seashells – whether it’s incorporating them into their own home designs or using them as jewelry and accessorizing with them. Here are a few ways you can celebrate your love of seashells show everyone just how important beach life is to you!

Decorating your home

When used correctly, the bold use of seashells can transform a room. Whether it’s lining lamps, using them as paperweights for a desk, or even outlining the exterior of a major fixture in your home like a fireplace – any homeowner can turn a ho-hum space into an eye-catching accent by adding shells to the mix.


One of the most popular trends of the last 2-3 years believe it or not – has become seashell jewelry. Whether it’s earrings, bracelets, necklaces and even belts and watches – shells seem to be all over everything these days. Part of the reason for this is the sheer range in colors and styles that you can use for your designs. They go with just about every outfit, whether it’s beach-style casual, business or even to make that formal gown pop.

Studying shells

Seashells are an incredibly useful things, however – you’ll get more out of your creative power if you know which shell is which and where and when to look for them. Now you’ll be able to label your endlessly growing collection without having to identify them on the Internet and come up with even more creative ways as to how you can use them.


One great way to use seashells is to use them as accents and in ways that almost seamlessly blend into the background. This list could literally be endless, but folks have used them to decorate picture frames, seashell light strands, soap dishes, flower pots, candle holders, you name it – a shell can be used to do it.

Seashells are wonderful things, but you already know that! Hopefully these can inspire your to have some more fun with your passion for the sea and help fulfill that creative need!