Adding coastal flair to your home

As we head into January, we’re about half way through the colder/cooler weather and soon it’ll be time to get the warm, summer months rolling! Bring on the sunshine, beach days and pinna coladas!

For some of us that means heading out to our special new beach home and for others that can mean vacations and the like. But if you’re having a hard time waiting until then, we’ve put together a few décor and design tips that’ll help add beach house flair to any home regardless of the time of year!

Let’s jump right in!


Did you seriously just say wallpaper? Yep! Not all beach house walls need to be painted white, aqua and the like. Sometimes tastefully done wallpaper can totally transform the look and feel of a room. The right pattern used in consort not only helps to liven up your home life, but they can also help you compliment much of what’s already in your home.

Get creative with your colors

Going off of the first example – don’t be afraid to experiment with new colors outside of just turquoise and coral. Navy Blue and bright reds – when used properly – can give certain spaces a spectacular sailing look and feel. Colors like yellow and pink can bring warmth and light in ways most would be surprised to hear. Like we said above – not everything needs to be the usual palate of colors. Think outside the box!

Go more natural

Hey, that’s what our specialty is! Sprinkling in the natural elements like coral, bamboo – and yes – seashells – can add significant beachfront feel to your décor. From using them as door stops, picture frames, centerpieces, or simple wall decorations – the sea provides us with many things that can make our home look, and feel like we’re a part of it. We’re biased, but this is our favorite part! Get creative!

Shudders – your secret weapon

We’re a huge fan of using shudders in any coastal design theme because they not only give you a great, coastal vibe – but they are also versatile. If you feel like you’ve had your feel of the beach, well then if you decide to change things up, the shudders you’ve used can be carried over. You can use them as actual shudders, wall accents, doors and a whole range of other things. They can be painted, worn down and have that heady, but light feel that we’re always going for when we’re going coastal. And best of all – they’re cheap!

We hope you found some inspiration in this blog! Good luck and have no fear – the warm weather is coming soon!