Design tips for the perfect coastal living room

By now you know we love all things coastal. We love the décor, we love the design and most of all – we love the lifestyle. Nothing is as liberating as the feeling of rest and relaxation at the beach. For us coastal-holics, we’re constantly searching for new ways to incorporate that feeling into our homes – whether it’s a weekend getaway or within our permanent home.

The nerve center of any home is the living room. There, we enjoy each other’s company, relax, talk, roughhouse, argue, run through, take in stories – everything happens there. How can we take that space and make it more coastal? Well, that’s what we’re here to discuss today. Here’s how you can take two great tastes that taste great together – and combine them into a dynamite coastal living room design.

Let’s jump right in!

Color schemes

Our favorite schemes usually revolve around natural coastal colors – whites, blues, greens and browns. Not only are these colors more relaxing, but they compliment each other in a number of ways. In juxtaposition – they fit, but they fit with each other without overwhelming the other colors and your senses. Anything that goes into the space should fit somewhere within that color scheme.


When we think about the coast, we think about rough things – tactile things if you will. From hot sand, to smooth, wet sand, drift wood, beach detritus, sea weed and the like – the beach plays with so many of our senses. Don’t be afraid to get creative using glass accents, wood, wicker and even seagrass. In fact, the more texture the room has, the better. Make your space a tactile experience.


Green plants will really make everything else in the room explode. Not only that, but they’ll create a genuine, organic feeling like you’re really at the beach. Ferns and palms particularly can help bring your space to life – quite literally.

Go organic

When it comes to your décor – well, you should know how we feel! So much can be done, used and implemented just from exploring a beach for a few hours. Sea Shells, drift wood and other beach detritus can quickly become a paper weight, picture frame or centerpiece. Get creative and just like with the textures – go tactile. The more authentic the décor- the more authentic the experience.

Nothing says you’re home quite like a place where you can forget about the worries of the world. Follow these tips and you’ll find yourself blissfully nodding off in the living room of your dreams. Good luck!