The benefits of beach vacations

Its late winter. Here in Florida it’s great, but if you’re reading it from just about anywhere else – it’s flipping cold out! You’re probably sick of it, dreaming of a nice, relaxing period of time on the beach, toes in the sand and at least a few worries less than what you arrived with!

Vacations are awesome, but they can also be really healthy for you. We work hard for our time off and if you ask us – travel should be a sacred experience. Beach vacations in particular have a special way of rejuvenating our souls and giving us a sense of perspective.

Here are some reasons that your next vacation should be spent at the beach. Let’s jump right in!

For your health!

According to psychologists – blue space (think, the ocean) actually calms our mind. If you’re ever sat there staring out at an ocean and feel a little more distanced from the problems you deal with day to day – it’s because, well – you are. Biologically, our bodies thrive on the beach, so don’t deprive them of the experience!

Fresh air

Most people today work indoors, in cubicles with fluorescent lighting. Over half of us don’t take lunch breaks. That’s some scary stuff, when you think about it. The beach will give you a sense of wide open space, salty-sweet smell and a cool breeze and sunlight that your body needs and frankly – should get more of.

Beach towns and Island people

Whether you’re in a beach community off Cape Cod, in San Diego or right here in Florida – they all more or less share one, very important thing in common: the overall energy in each is more relaxed. Tank tops, shorts, straw hats, sandals – people in the mood for rest, relaxation and fun. The moral of the story is that life should be simpler! Let beach people remind you of that fact.

Exploration and activities

Snorkeling, surfing, jet skiing, looking for seashells, tubing – you name it – there’s an endless number of fun activities that await. It provides us with the perfect excuse to get outdoors, get active and have some fun with the people who matter the most.

Rest and renewal

Beaches are ideal and known for their total gift of rest and relaxation. It’s a day of reading, reflecting and enjoyment with your loved ones, a shower and falling asleep as your head hits the pillow. It’s this sense of relaxation that can bring us back to real life with a renewed sense of purpose and a mind that has less clutter.

So if you’ve got some time off coming up soon, think about getting to the beach. Your body and mind will love you more for it!