For spring beach goers

For us shell shoppers and coastal fiends – we can’t wait to get out to the beach as soon as possible! It’s Spring and there isn’t snow, so isn’t that enough? Well in some places – particularly here in northern Florida – it is!

Today, we’re going to discuss some useful tips for you early beach-goers and what you can do to get the most enjoyment out of your time. Let’s jump right in!

Find the right beaches for you

Especially in areas like ours, there is a ton to consider and choose from. The beach you choose should really depend on what you like in life. There’s beaches for nature, beaches that are great for family and beaches that are great for activities. The most important thing you can do is lineup your destination with your interests. Especially in the spring.

Beach events

The great thing about going to the beach early is that there are not only a lot of really cool, early events going on – but you can also get great deals on them because it’s early. Depending on the beach and it’s location (Galveston is famous for this) – you can find a whole calendar of events ranging from sand architects, food truck events and family friendly activites just waiting to be taken advantage of.


In the Spring, the weather tends to be at its most volatile. Today’s 70 is tomrrow’s 50, so be sure that when you’re getting ready to go, that you’re planning around the weather. And we say ‘around the weather’ because even if it’s cooler out – there’s lots you can do and activities worth enjoying!

Enjoy the silence

The best thing about the beach in the Spring is that you’re going to be dealing with significantly less beach traffic than at any other time during the year. If you’re someone who likes space for their beach-side activities, then the Spring will be the time for you to enjoy them the most!

The beach in the Spring can be a relief, especially for those of us who feel cooped up in the winter! It might take some planning, but some of the best memories to be had seaside can be had in the Spring. With a little advanced planning, it can be one of your best trips yet. Enjoy!