What to do at the beach when it’s raining

In April and early May, we’re at peak rain season and for some of our most avid beach-goers, that can really dampen the mood if you know what we mean! But guess what? It shouldn’t. Even on rainy days, there’s a lot that can be done at the beach and there’s lots of fun to be had.

Here are some things you can do when the weather won’t cooperate and make the best of a less than ideal situation. Let’s jump right in!


Our bread and butter is shells – whether that’s making things out them, selling things made out of them or helping you find things involving them – we’re all about shells all the time. So take it from us when we tell you that the absolute best time to go shelling is right now when it’s raining. The sea gets churning and you never know what you’ll find of the beach. Some of our best finds are in this same sort of situation – so long as it isn’t lightning out – throw on a poncho, grab a bucket and go at it!

Take a walk

Folks, this is the beach we’re talking about. You’re going to get wet anyway – so take a walk and take in a new experience! No one is going to be there, so you’ll enjoy the solitude for one – and two – there isn’t anything quite like listening to the rain and the waves all at the same time. Pack a warm drink in a thermos and take a stroll!

Spread your wings a bit

The beach doesn’t have to be the only thing you spend your time doing. In almost every coastal town there are plenty of businesses, shops, restaurants and other activities dotted all along the shoreline and what better time to visit them than now? From old arcades, to boutique shops to a simple bar with the game on – there’s always something to do!

Family time

While most of your beach-side forays are likely to include time with loved ones, sometimes there’s just something to be said for curling up on the coach and watching a movie, playing board games or choosing an activity as a family. One of the deepest connections your family will have with each other are the memories they create and its times like these they’ll remember.


So if you’re on vacation and the weather won’t cooperate – don’t worry! You’ll be fine. Coastal living isn’t just what you do – it’s a state of mind. And taking it easy and going with the flow can help you get the most out of your vacation. Good luck!