Going on a beach vacation on a budget

Going to the beach doesn’t and shouldn’t have to cost you a small fortune. You don’t need an all-inclusive, you don’t need to get on a plane and you don’t have to worry about draining your savings account to have your fun in the sun.

Today, we’ve put together some tips for you as to how you can plan an awesome beach vacation without breaking the bank. Simply put – here’s how to do the beach on a budget! Let’s jump right in!

Plan now

The most important thing is to add up what the vacation will cost you. Transportation, rental fees, gas, public transportation, shopping, food, entrance fees – add it all up. Once you’ve got a handle on what you’ll need to have an ‘ideal’ vacation, you’ll be able to start trimming back to what you truly need in order to enjoy yourself.

Avoid peak times

Major holidays and weekends are honestly a pretty terrible time to go to the beach. Yes, the weather is going to be a lot better, but the crowds will be bigger and the prices will be A LOT more expensive. If possible, consider a weekday getaway or at the beginning or towards the end of the season. You’ll save a ton just avoiding the masses and oh yeah – you’ll avoid the masses! That’s more of the beach to enjoy for yourself!

Air BNB is your friend

With all the options out there today – there is almost no reason to light a few hundred dollars on fire by staying at a hotel. You can rent beach homes – or any place that you need, really – on Air BMB or VRBO. Look for places near the activites you want to participate in. Trust us, you’ll spend about half (or less) of the money you normall would at a hotel.

Go off the beaten path

While the hot spots are fun, we’re big advocates of traveling off the beaten path. Not only will it save you money and help you avoid crowds, but you’ll also get the chance to have a much more authentic experience. While vacation is great for relaxation, you’re also traveling – and traveling should be an opportunity to experience some new things and create memories.

Find what’s free

Snorkeling, surfing, discount lessons and activities – they’re everywhere in even the most bustling beach towns. Bring your own beach toys and pack and go to places where picnics are permitted. Not everything needs to cost you an arm and a leg!


Beating the heat and enjoying the beach doesn’t have to be expensive. We hope these tips will help you plan out a more enjoyable and fun family experience this summer! Good luck!