Beach vacation hacks that’ll make your next trip a breeze

We’re in the middle of peak vacation time and as such, we’re sure that you’re probably getting ready for your big beach vacation! Trips to the beach can be a ton of fun. After all, the memories we can create with the people who matter most can last a lifetime.

However, if you’re not totally prepared, that beach vacation will be, well… no day at the beach. Luckily, we’ve put together a few beach vacation hacks to help you better manage your time and do what’s most important: enjoying your vacation.

Let’s jump right in!

Tip #1: Keep a dust broom in the car

Look, we all like the sand, but sand has its place in the world – and that’s on a beach, not in your car. Buy a soft bristle dust broom and keep it in your car. You’ll be able to brush off feet, clothes and footwear before you climb into your vehicle. Trust us – this prevents a pretty big, ongoing mess from forming.

Tip #2: Invest in a sand-free beach bag

We 100% recommend you make the investment and get yourself a sand-free (mesh) bag for the beach. Just like with the dust broom – you’ll have important things you’ll want to bring with you – and you won’t want to have sand serving as a hitchhiker along the way. Mesh bags allow you to simply give them a shake and be sand-free.

Tip #3 Sit near the lifeguard

This is a great safety tip that can take a lot of the anxiety out of your day at the beach – for both you and your kids. Sitting near the lifeguard does two things: 1.) It keeps your kids within the primary line of sight of the lifeguard. God forbid anything happens – it’ll happen directly in front of the lifeguard. They’ll have a clear line of sight and path if the worst happens. 2.) For your kids, it gives your kids a market to figure out where you are. Kids get distracted and lost on the beach frequently. This way, they’ll have a market to identify where you are, making it far easier for them to find you.

Tip #4 Plan for hungry kids

When you’re at the beach the sun will be out, it’ll be hot and your kids will be using a ton of energy. Make sure you have a full cooler packed with drinks, juice – and yes, even food. We absolutely recommend healthy foods – cheese sticks, apples, oranges and grapes. IN addition, be sure to pack a little extra. Children are social beasts and will likely make some friends while they’re at the beach, so pack some food for them, too.

Tip #5 Plan your exit

If you want to save yourself dramatics when you leave, then we totally recommend keeping your kids’ expectations in line with your schedule. Tell them when you’re planning on leaving and give them updates. That way when 5pm comes, no one’s sitting there shattered in tears that they’re leaving the beach or worse yet – throwing that always fun end-of-day temper tantrum. Give them a 15 minute warning and begin picking up some of their belongings. You should be done in time to give them 10 minutes to romp around while you’re all set to go. Then once it’s time, everyone’s tired and ready to go home – fulfilled by a great day at the beach.

Hopefully these tips will help make your next trip to the beach a little more enjoyable. Have fun, wear your sunscreen, go shelling and good luck!