Visiting the beach in the fall

Most people associate the beach with the summer but let us tell you – it’s a pretty fantastic place to be in the fall, too. In fact, spending time at the beach in the fall is – in a few ways – way better than spending time there in the summer depending on what your preferences are.

Especially when you visit some of the local communities that play home to our favorite places to relax – it’s amazing how they suddenly transform once everyone goes home and in many ways – they become a more organic, authentic – but altogether enjoyable experience. But whether your source of enjoyment is the beach itself or the communities they reside in – there’s still plenty to be excited about in the fall.

Here are a few reasons why you should hit up the beach this fall.

No traffic

Everyone loves the beach. Everyone hates the traffic. While the time spent in the car almost always seems worth it, imagine there was a way for you to make it worth it without having to wait. That’s basically the beach in the fall. There’s no getting stuck on a bridge on a boiling day. There’s no stress or meltdown Clark Griswold moments. There’s no ‘are we there yets.’ Just enjoyment.

Cool being cooler

Summer’s a great time if you want to load up on Vitamin D, but the cooler fall temperatures make spending time at the beach a little more enjoyable. The fall is a wonderful time to take a stroll or explore areas of the beach you might have otherwise ignored in the summer. And just by virtue of the time of year, there all sorts of things that wash up on the beach. And oh yeah – speaking of that…

You had to know this one was coming! Thanks to a lot of the storms you see in late August/early September, you’ll see a whole swath of treasures get churned out and washed up on the beach. It’s the perfect time of year to go out and go grab some killer shells! Be sure to bring a bucket or a bag because if you’re looking for volume – you’re sure to find it.

Empty beaches

Going to the beach in the fall makes it way easier to spread out along the shore – which is great. Overall, it makes for a more intimate experience. We go to the beach to find relaxation and it makes things that much more easy when you can recharge in solitude.

Save your money

While we’d like to suggest otherwise – a trip to the beach can get expensive if you’re not being careful. Some destinations might not even be financially realistic for you in the summer. In the fall however – prices drop substantially to the point where you can find some incredible deals, all inclusive packages and the like. Do some shopping and save some money.

While it might be a little cooler out, heading out to the beach in the fall is worth it – financially, aesthetically and in terms of your mental health. The beach in the fall is truly its own unique experience in and of itself.