A little shell decorating inspiration for the fall

There’s not better feeling than being able to make something that you’ve discovered uniquely yours. It’s just that sometimes – we all need a little inspiration! Today, we’re going to discuss some of the ways your can take seashells from your collection and turn them into unique, exciting pieces that provide you with the perfect coastal accessory for your home.

Let’s jump right in!

Desk Accessories

For larger shells like conchs and sea biscuits – you can use them as the perfect desktop accent. They’re practical, too – as they can be used as paperweights, containers and in certain situations – a place where you can store change, nick knacks and the like.


There’s no better way to capture your memories at the beach than with a seashell-decorated photo frame. Not only are these easy to execute, but you can also get creative! Your frame doesn’t just have to be a flat surface. Try to make them go 3-d with a class, a photo along the inside panel and some seashells to hold it up. Talk about making a simple snapshot special!

Useful dishes

Large shells turned upside down can provide you with a whole swath of interesting uses. Some like to use them as a bowl for jewelry, but if you want to be even more practical – they make a great splash bowl for your entrance way – a place to put keys, wallets, change and other hitchhikers from your travels outside of your home. They can take an otherwise hum-drum space and really help it pop!

The perfect shelve shell

Any room can have a coastal twist added to it – particularly if you have bookshelves. Seashells are perfect to put on top of book stacks, serve as book ends at the end of them or just act as stand-alone accents and decorations.


Hopefully these ideas will give you a little inspiration! With the beach season officially winding down, this’ll give you some things to work on, some items to create and some new ways to get inspired for when beach season rolls around again! Only a few more months!