Coastal design tips for the New Year

We talk about all things coastal on our blog- but the one topic we like to return to a lot is coastal design. Our business is clearly seashells and how they play a part in creating that coastal experience; but our real passion is the beach and that feeling of being away from all the things that distract us from what’s important.

Every year we like to return to the topic of coastal design and some trends and tips to help your home keep, maintain and really feel like a place that is a place where you can escape to. Where work and the unnecessary complexities of life are left behind.

Here are some cool tips we figured we’d share with you; tips that we think could help take your coastal design to the next level in 2020. Let’s jump right in!

Simplify the outdoors

If you’ve got that killer ocean view, you don’t really need to use a heavy decorating hand. Some chairs, tile and some chic tiles should be all you need to create an amazing outdoor experience.

If you don’t have the ocean view – the rule stands. Coastal living is all about simplicity and escape – not the complexities that hound us at work and our day-to-day lives. Keep it chi. Keep it simple!

Don’t be afraid of white walls

Much of today’s design trends feature interesting patterns and colors. Bright white walls are often the key to offering a breezy, more cohesive look for your coastal space. In homes without a lot of sunlight – white walls can come off as cold and stoic – but in coastal situations where there’s plenty of light – the shade can really make the rest of your space shine.

Encourage escapism

Like we said above – coastal living is about simplicity and escape and any opportunity you have to create those small spaces should be taken advantage of. Creating small spaces like reading nooks, hammocks and other places where a person can enjoy solitude only adds to the ambiance and creates a feeling of a place away from all the other places.

Keep it casual

Skip the chandeliers, the ornate rugs and the complex patterns. Coastal living is about coming as you are and relaxing – not blowing people away with wealth, complex decorations and the like. No matter what you decide to do, keep it simple!