How to use coastal art in your home

Simply put – a home is not a home without some art! That being said, people do tend to get a bit nervy when it comes to both designing, identifying and decorating with it.

We’re here today to tell you that you don’t need to be a museum curator to incorporate fantastic looking artwork into your home’s decor and we figured that today we’d pass along some advice for turning your coastal home into a gorgeous display of art and using it as a foundation for your interior design. Let’s jump right in!


Art is at its best when it serves as inspiration. There’s no shame in matching the color palette of your room to your favorite piece. In other cases, you don’t need to use the colors of the piece at all. Sometimes, it’s just the tone of the piece that helps set the stage for the room. Whatever it is, roll with what the piece gives you and design with how the art makes you feel- not just by what it looks like.

Creating focal points

Art is a great way to create focal points in a room. Every room has some sort of visual anchor in it and those visual anchors can bring up the look and feel of any space. For example – a dynamic, attention-grabbing abstract painting can turn up the temperature on any white wall.

Galley spaces

We’re big fans of creating your own art gallery in your home – specifically in spaces that are pass-throughs and walkways. It could be as simple as a row of paintings by an artist you collect, perhaps some cool thrift store finds or even better – a wall of photographs of you and your family. Whatever it is – keep the gallery style tight and for maximum impact and keep the style uniform.

Using it as an accessory

While it works great as an accessory – art doesn’t have to be a focal point or put on display like it’s in a museum. Sometimes art works as a simple compliment to everything else happening in a given space. Leaning a few paintings on the floor or placing them on a shelf can help bring everything together – particularly when you’re looking to balance up empty space.

Whether it’s adding a unique shell lamp or a modern art masterpiece – hopefully these tips will help inspire you as to how you can use art in your home’s design. Good luck!