Shell decorating inspiration for prime shelling season

It’s June and the sun is shining and it’s time to head to the beach! And just in time for prime shelling season; we’re here to share another batch of inspiring ideas for sea shell decorations in your home this summer that can be appreciated and remind you of the beach year-round.

Let’s jump right in!


A great tabletop or shelf accent is putting your newly collected shells into mason or canning jars and displaying them. One way we like to do it is to find same-colored shells and organize them into a jar, then a different range of colored shells and put them in another. Set them in groups of three and they’ll give your space an awesome, new beach aesthetic.

Flower bed decorations

We discussed filling in an entire bed around your pool with shells a few months back, but even a few shells sprinkled within can give your garden a fresh, new beachy feel. And especially if you have kids or grandkids, it’ll make for some fun as they wonder how these shells washed up in your yard.

Sea Shell Shadow Boxes

These are great accents that you can make yourself. And don’t be afraid to add in some other elements like sand. You can move the box side to side and it’ll show a new mix of shells in the sand every time. It’s a great way to create and accent that is dynamic in the sense that you can switch it up now and then and give things a completely new look. It’s just one of those little things that can make a house a home.

Shell wreaths

Shell wreaths are awesome – whether you want to use them indoors or outdoors. They make an even better DIY project with the kids – as they can decorate and create however they see fit. They can moonlight as centerpieces as well making them a fun, attractive and versatile home decoration.


Another great DIY to do with the kids – shells make awesome kitchen magnets. Not only can they give your coastal kitchen that last extra coastal kick, but they can be great for your kids to display artwork, accomplishments and other memories you create with the people who matter most.

Hopefully these ideas inspire you this summer as we head into prime shelling season. Good luck and stay creative!