How to make your own seashell jewelry

We’re at the time where we all love being at the beach and if you’re like us – all the shelling that comes with it! Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 pandemic we’re stuck at home and struggling to find things to do. Don’t be down though, now’s the opportunity to take on some of those projects or hobbies you’ve always wanted to try, but maybe never had the time to!

Some of our most popular products are shell jewelry and truth be told – if you have shells hanging around that you haven’t touched since last year – this is a great way to put them to use. Shells make fantastic jewelry – as they provide us with some gorgeous natural patterns and colors to add to your design. 

If you’re a first-time DIY seashell jeweler, here are some tips you can use to get the most out of your seashell jewelry. Let’s jump right in!

Go with the flow

While some designs require some precision and creativity on your part – some shells are just better off being used as-is. And what we mean by that is sometimes shells have natural holes and abrasions that make it easy to string wire through. It helps you avoid the hassle of drilling your own holes, which can damage the shell. So don’t be afraid that you have to make everything perfect. Sometimes, just going with the flow is better!

Be careful about gems

Gemstones, when used well – can really improve the look of the piece you’re trying to create. When they aren’t, they can be a monster distraction. Try to use more neutral stones and items. Pearls can add a ton of luster and can help maintain a nautical theme. Quartz and Lapis lasuli can also help keep a more delicate, coastal theme. 

Nail polish isn’t just for your nails

Shells look beautiful on their own, but if you want a piece that really sticks out, then you can paint your shells any color you like. Gloss enamel paints are great for painting shells, but there’s something you have at home that’ll work even better and that’s nail polish!

You can even use gloss to give your shells a real, professional-looking finish. Plus nail polish gives you an endless number of colors and styles to choose from – from metallic shades to loud, quirky colors for the more adventurous of us. Even better, the tiny brushes work perfect for getting in the difficult nooks and crannies that seashells have. 

Don’t worry about damage

If you break your shells via drilling or whatever else – don’t throw them away! There are still a ton of stylish ways that you can use them. There are tons of accents we use on our products every day that have damaged shells and the same should hold true for your own creations. In some cases, broken shell shards can help create dynamic, interesting statement pieces, so don’t let your waste go to waste!

Seashells are one of the most fun natural materials to work with when it comes to making jewelry. Hopefully these tips can help give you some inspiration to help pass the time and create some incredible new pieces for your jewelry box. Good luck and stay safe!