Shell decor that will leave you thinking of the beach year-round

Obviously, our favorite activity at the beach is collecting shells. The variety – not only in terms of the colors, but also the shapes and texture – of shells, is what makes these natural wonders such an amazing gift to use with crafts. Every time we go to the beach, there’s always a few ziplock bags full.

That being said – if you’re not like us down here in the Clearwater, FL area; you don’t always get to enjoy the beach year-round and even those that do can’t be there all the time. Today, we’re going to share a few seashell decorations that can happily remind you of the beach year-round and keep you oh-so closer to a place we all love. Let’s jump right in!

Canning Jar

Want to give your coastal kitchen a little extra kick? The old sea shells in the mason jar craft is an outstanding (and surprisingly versatile) decoration. They probably work best with stand dollars, but other types of shells can work as well. They look best in groupings of two or three and serve as a perfect rough-around-the-edges compliment.

And don’t kid yourself – this decoration can work in any kind of kitchen – even more rustic design schemes. 

Flower bed decorations 

We’ve actually mentioned this one in past blogs about a year or so ago. Sea shells can work as an interesting decorative compliment to your garden growth or can even serve as a focal point – especially in some of those extra ‘bare’ areas in and around your backyard that might need some covering up. Just a few concks or several smaller sand dollars can really add some depth and drama to your yard. 

Shell wreaths

This one is great – especially as something you can do with your kids. Especially when we’re longing for the beach during those long winters, this nice holiday accent can be a friendly reminder of warmer days ahead. You can decorate them however you like as well – whether singularly colored or multicolored and a bit busier. Either way, it’s a piece of decor that you can use year-round in your home. 

Shell magnets

If you’re like the majority of Americans, the front of your fridge is probably a mess and a few new magnets might be in order anyway. And for some of those shells you’ve never gotten around to using; shell magnets can be the perfect way to use them. And just like with shell wreaths it’s a great way to include your kids in the process. Let them make their own magnets for their own schedules, projects and artwork. You can’t go wrong!

Hopefully these ideas gave you a little inspiration about how you can use shells to help keep that beach feeling in your home year-round. Good luck and we’ll see you next month!