Why not spend the holidays at the beach?

Whenever we think of Christmas and the holidays we think of snow, fireplaces, Christmas trees and comfort food. After all – that’s the good stuff! But the holidays also come with some downside: crazy family, overwhelming shopping, wrapping, baking and preparation. Even with that though, it’s hard to break with a season that’s so tied to tradition. 

That being said, bringing Christmas to the beach might be easier than you think. This month, we’re going to give you a few reasons why you might want to consider doing things a little differently this year and escape the usual. If there ever was a year to do things differently, it’s this one. 

The holiday rush is…. A lot. 

You might be surprised to hear this, but experts have suggested that there’s more stress on people during the holidays than at any other point of the year. And this has been one stressful year! Emergency rooms see more people for stress related illnesses in November and December than they do in any other period of the year. Instead of stressing, why not allow yourself a little freedom to celebrate the holidays on the beach? How about just getting away from it all and clearing your mind?

Why not start a new tradition?

It’s hard to break from a routine you’ve had for years – but this year has shown us just how important it is to be able to adapt. Maybe this beach vacation includes the same rental home every year. Or includes a local, ‘can’t miss’ holiday festival. If you and your family are up for an adventure, maybe it includes visiting a new place each year. Whatever it is – it’s good to break from routine now and then. 

Memories are the best gifts

Presents and things come and go. It’s the memories we create and the time we spend with each other that matters the most. Instead of wandering through aisles looking for the perfect present, why not focus on spending quality time with your family? We guarantee – it’ll beat any gift you can find on a shelf. 

There’s lots of deals out there

Winter is an ideal time for finding great travel deals on accommodations and attractions. If you’re not one to plan too far in advance, you can most definitely find all sorts of deals right around now that are last minute, ‘getaway’ travel packages. 

Yes, Christmas can be celebrated at the beach! You don’t have to ditch your traditions just because you’re on the coast. Pack those stockings, a book and some energy for a new experience and we promise you – Santa will find you! Hopefully, this blog gave you a little inspiration and something to think about this holiday season. Good luck and above all else – have a healthy, happy and safe holiday season!