How the beach is the perfect place to make your New Year’s Resolutions a reality

So everyone has all sorts of New Year’s Resolutions every year. Some folks want to lose weight and get healthy. Some folks want to get a new job and learn a new skill. Others just want to read more. Whatever you feel like your resolutions are, we know they’re important to you and here’s to hoping you accomplish exactly what you’re hoping to achieve in 2021. 

That being said, we’re beach junkies. Shells, lifestyle, you name it. And no matter what it is – the beach can serve as a tremendous space to accomplish many of those common New Year’s Resolutions and goals. This month, we’re going to break down some of the more popular New Year’s Resolutions and show you how and why they’re easy to accomplish when you’re at the beach. Let’s jump right in!

Saving money

Perhaps the easiest way to save money is not blowing a ton of it on a vacation. And the best vacations (and sometimes the most cost-effective) are at the beach. Why’s that? Because most of the things you can do at the beach are free. Walks on the beach? Free. Coastal sunrises and sunsets? Free. Nature trails and parks? Free. Fishing, surfing, exercising, building sandcastles, collecting shells, kids entertainment? All those are free, too. You got it. 

Exercising more

There are a number of ways you can get yourself in shape on the beach. You can run, go for bike rides, do yoga, go for walks and play beach games like soccer, volleyball and frisbee. But in the water is where you’ll be likely to get the most benefit. Swimming is one of, if not THE most healthy full body workout your body can have. If you’re looking to whip your behind back into shape in 2021? Then hit the beach. 


Let’s be honest. Books and the beach go hand in hand. Whether you’re on vacation in your beautiful Air B&B rental or taking the edge off on the weekend, don’t forget to bring your book and catch up on some fun reading. Reading is food for the brain and it encourage you to slow down, unplug and get back into a simpler, more purposeful life. And that’s something all of us could use!

Reconnecting with friends

Maybe its because we’re more laid back while we’re there – or maybe we’re just happier at the beach – but making new friends happens quickly and easily at the beach. Just as important – it helps you reconnect with old friends. It’s cheap entertainment, so it’s great to go with friends and their families. And whether it’s being active or simply sitting back, sipping some suds and unpacking old, hilarious memories – the beach will provide you with the platform to do so. 

So what’s your New Year’s Resolution? We want to know! Share in the comments. If you don’t already have one, take the time to think about what’ll help make a better ‘you’ in 2021. Good luck and we’ll see you next month!