The four pillars of a great beachfront vacation

Sure, it’s January, but it’s that time of year when everyone is getting ready to go on vacation again and for many of you – that vacation is going to be spent at the beach. There’s nothing quite like the sand, the sun and the sea! To help you and your family get ready for your next big adventure, we’ve put together a blog of some fun beach hacks that will help you have more fun and get more out of your next prolonged trip to the beach. Let’s jump right in!

Choose a beach that’s right for your family

Beaches come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and yes – surfaces, too. You should be spending your time thinking about which one will work best for your family. Shell and sea glass beaches are lots of fun for the curious, adventurous and collectors out there. Pebble beaches are beautiful but require some water shoes to protect those sensitive feet. And then of course, there’s everyone’s favorite – the sandy beach – which are great for splashing, swimming and playing sports. Whatever your family’s interests or tastes might be – should dictate what beach you choose. 

Scout out fun away from the beach

Beachfront destinations are almost always sunny and warm, but the odds are that one of those days, it won’t be sunny and warm. In fact, it could be downright nasty. And even if the weather doesn’t go south, you and your kids might get a little bored of the same thing every day. There’s nothing wrong with mixing things up! Find a cozy movie theater, perhaps a boardwalk with lots of thrift shops, bowling, travel games and the like – are all great beach vacation activities that don’t involve the beach. Be sure to mix them in!

Pack accordingly

When you head to the beach, make sure you’re prepared. That means lots of fun snacks, lots of swim trunks, floatees, beach toys, sunscreen and plenty of changes of clothes. We’re big fans of inflatables, largely because they’re both cheap and easy to pack. And hey – if they break or pop, it’s no sweat off your shoulders. But make sure you not only bring plenty of clothes, but plenty of things, activities and toys for the little ones to enjoy and keep them occupied. 

Safety first

If you’re going to the beach then it’s time to have a conversation with everyone about safety. Make sure everyone understands that if there’s no sunscreen, then there’s no beach. Bring plenty of water and drinks to keep folks hydrated and fruits high in potassium like coconut and bananas. Also make sure the kids know what their boundaries are when they’re at the beach from where they can walk and explore how deep into the water they can go without your supervision. Remember, everyone’s here for a good time and so long as everyone knows the rules, you can rest assured that your vacation will be just that – a good time. 

Hopefully these tips help make planning that next beach vacation a little easier! Have fun, stay safe and enjoy the time off! You’ve earned it!