How to find the best shells on the beach

Summer means a lot to many, but for us shellers – it’s time for the prime shelling season to begin! Shelling is a relaxing, fulfilling hobby for many, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a little competition now and then and that’s what today’s blog is going to be all about. 

Today, we’re going to be talking about some of the things you can do to find the very BEST shells out on the beach. Not nice ones, not shells in abundance – but the best possible shells. Here’s what you can do to beat the rush and add a shell to your collection that you’ll never forget. Let’s jump right in!

Jump into ‘the wrack’

Sounds dangerous, right? Well, it’s not! The ‘wrack’ is shell hunting lingo for the area just above the high tideline. That’s the place that you’re most likely to find the best shells. Depending on what kind of beach you’re on, you’ll find just about everything there – from seaweed and a foot of sponges to fans, boat parts and even jellyfish (ok, so it’s a little dangerous). But you’ll also find the very best possible shells that so happen to be in the very best possible condition. 

Take a little adventure

The summer is the best time for shell hunting, but talk to the hardcore shelling community and they’ll insist that the best time to find shells is actually in the winter right after storms. The churn of the ocean usually dishes out all sorts of goodies onto the beach and once the storm has subsided – it might be your best bet to score something special. 

Others recommend keeping an eye on the moon cycle. Why? Because it’s the time where you’ll see the greatest variance between high and low tides. And while we all get superstitious about things like a full moon, there’s nothing left to chance, here. Full moons and higher tides mean you’ll find the best shells. 

Mixing it up

Most of us like to more or less mix in our shelling patterns with a day at the beach – but ‘the day’ really isn’t the best time to go shelling. If you want to find the best shells – head out early in the morning, while it’s still a little cool out and the beach hasn’t been picked dry by casual beach goers. There, alone in your solitude – you’ll find the very best shells and even some exotic items that can become memorable staples of your collection. Don’t be afraid to go out during off-peak hours!

Hopefully these tips make it a little bit easier for you to find the best shells. Shelling is a wonderful activity that will provide you with lots to do and bring plenty of fulfillment. Most important, it’s a great activity to be shared in the company of others. Good luck out on the beach this summer!