Vacationing at the beach in the fall? You bet!

Most people don’t usually associate the fall with beach vacations, but alas – there’s a lot of opportunity out there to not only have a great vacation – but to save a ton of money and avoid the hordes of tourists as well. 

Today, we’re going to talk about some reasons why you should think about taking your beach vacation this fall as well as some tips to make it a little bit more enjoyable. Let’s jump right in!


Especially if you’re planning on vacationing a little further north – hotels and resorts offer some absolutely astonishing rates for off-season vacation rentals. Air BNBs will be cheaper, hotels will be cheaper – all of it. And what’s going to be your biggest expense on vacation? You got it – it’s where you stay. In many cases, you can chop your expenses almost in half by taking a vacation in September instead of August. 

Avoiding the throngs

Look, we all love the beach and there’s no doubt that there’s something to the buzz of being around a lot of people. But in an era where we’re battling a global pandemic and people are a little TOO EXCITED to be back outside and around each other – giving yourself a little distance and space to enjoy yourself and relax is a good thing – and perhaps even the safer route to go. While fall vacations are increasing in popularity, you’ll deal with significantly fewer humans than you would at peak season. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 

Sites and sounds

The beach isn’t the only great thing about a coastal vacation. It’s all the tourist traps to get ensnared in, the adventures off the beaten path and the side shows off the sandy shores. And you know what? They’re still going on, but they’ll also be more accessible and more affordable. Ticket prices will be down, desirable time slots will be easier to get and you won’t have to deal with the crowds.

Hidden experiences
Anyone who’s spent any time in high-traffic tourist destinations like beaches knows that there’s an area during tourist season and the area after tourist season. And many of these experiences in the off-season won’t be offered during the season; giving you a chance to get a more authentic, local experience than you would otherwise.

Beach vacations are great in the fall. You’ll save a lot of money, be able to enjoy the activities you want to at your own pace and best of all – perhaps have some experiences you wouldn’t have been able to have had you gone during peak season. Hopefully these tips inspired you to give a fall beach vacation a chance. Good luck and have fun!