November: Prime Shelling Season

If you’re in the shelling mood then November is a great time of year to get back on the shelling path. Beaches are a little less packed and the lack of traffic means there’ll be plenty of shells for you to go find. Today, we’re going to discuss a few of the kinds of shells you should be on the lookout for during your next big shelling excursion. 

Let’s jump right in!

Atlantic Moon Snail Shell

Some folks call this one the ‘shark eye’ and they’re among some of the most common shells out there. But while they’re out there in abundance, finding a nice one can be a little difficult. They’re spherical and similar to your garden variety snail shell – but they vary wildly in color. Find the right one, and they can make for a remarkable centerpiece for your next big craft project. 

Banded tulip shells

Banded tulips are another fairly common shell – but you can find them all up and down the Gulf coast. They’re typically a little smaller – only growing to about 2.25-4 inches in length. You’ll find most to be cream-colored with the odd flashes of pink running in long lines, the length of its body. Look for these guys near low tide natural inlets. 

Heart cockle shells

These shells are gorgeous. They’ll grow to about 5 inches in length and come in a beautiful variety of colors. Be warned though – these guys are difficult to find. The issue is most separate when they wash ashore within the surf and unlike other shells that tend to get bunched together – these are widely spread out all over the beach, so you’ll have to do some discovery of your own. The best time to go looking for them is low tide in the morning. 

Lettered Olive shells

Lettered Olive Shells are among the most treasured among hardcore shellers. They’re usually cream colored with reddish and brown zig zag markings, but they have a beautiful sheen to them. They’re so stunning that the state of South Carolina even voted to make them the official shell of the state back in the 80’s. These guys are medium-hard finds, but look for them around high tide near shallow sand flats – particularly near inlets. 

Hopefully these get you excited and ready to go shell hunting! Like we said – if you’re looking for the best possible shells for your crafts projects or to simply correct – pro shellers know that this is the time of year to get out there. Good luck!