When the weather won’t cooperate at the beach

We’re heading into April – which means just about everywhere it’s going to be the rainy season. And rain isn’t something we usually associate with the beach. But, for you shell-heads out there, you might be surprised. It’s a sneaky good season for shelling; but there’s also a good deal else you can be doing. Sure, we get it – being on vacation at the beach in the middle of a monsoon isn’t that high up our list; but we can’t control the weather. But we can control what we do and today, we’re going to share a couple of things you can do to stay occupied.

Here are a few of the things you can do at the beach when the weather is out there trying to dampen your mood. Let’s jump right in. 


We’ll just get this one right out of the way. If you want a mostly crazy shelling tip, then come close. The best time to go shelling is when it’s raining. Why? Sea churn. When it rains, the water churns and you never know what might make its way to shore. In fact right after storms, you’ll notice the shoreline is literally littered with all sorts of ocean treasures. So long as you don’t have to worry about lightning – throw on a poncho and go hit the beach and see if you can score some serious shells!

Cast a wider net

When you’re on vacation, being at the beach isn’t the only thing you can do. In almost every coastal town there’s plenty of businesses, shops and restaurants dotted up and down the cost to keep you busy and frankly – there’s no better time to visit them than now. From classic arcades to boutique shops – there’s always something going on!

Simply spending time with your family

The whole point of a beach front vacation is to spend time with the people who matter the most. And sometimes there’s something really powerful to be said for just hunkering down, playing some games, relaxing and just simply ‘being’ around each other. Sometimes the times where we take a little bit of a breather from activity are the times we’ll remember with each other the most. 

When the weather won’t listen, don’t get down. There’s lots you can do. Taking it easy and going with the flow can help you make the most out of your vacation. Enjoy your time off and good luck!