A few tips for staying safe on the beach

Every trip to the beach can and should be fun. The sun, the sand and most of all – the shells! However, the beach isn’t unlike any other place – as it comes with its fair share of dangers as well. Today – we’re going to discuss a few safety tips that will be of use to you the next time you decide to hit the beach for a vacation. Let’s jump right in!

Try to stay in the vicinity of a lifeguard

Lifeguards exist for a reason and that’s primarily because the ocean can be unpredictable. One strong undertow, someone swims out just a little too far or perhaps its someone not being careful about what they’re doing. Whatever it is- accidents can happen fast and if they do – you’ll want to be near someone who is trained to help them. Lifeguards know the area, they know the dangers – so be sure to not stray too far from their view. 

Swimming with the buddy system

Never go swimming in the ocean alone. Especially if you have kids – have them team up if they want to go into the water. That way you know you’ve got them watching each other at all times. Everyone can count on a friend in the event that the worst happens.

Wearing sandals and shoes

Sand seems soft and inviting – especially in all those pictures! But guess what guys! It can be not so fun! Hot sand is not fun. Stepping on broken shells – not fun! If there’s jellyfish or anything else washed up on the beach that can sting your feet – that’s even more not fun than the other not fun things! And that’s not getting into wood, glass and anything else that could potentially be swept up in the sand. You should absolutely and always wear protective footwear. 

Know the rules

Beaches have rules for a reason. And certain beaches have certain rules for very certain reasons. Be sure you read up in advance or take a minute to see what those rules are. They can dictate more than where you go and what you do – they can also give you indicators as to the swimming conditions and the like. Make sure you know the rules!

Wear sunblock

Especially for our more fair skinned readers – make sure you wear sunscreen. You’ll get your vitamin D in a matter of minutes – but too much of a good thing can be really bad – even on cloudy days. Just be sure you get the kind of sunscreen that’s right for your skin.

We hope you found today’s blog helpful. On your next big trip to the beach, hopefully you’ll have the safety basics out of the way so you can spend more time focusing on what matters – and that’s having fun and making memories. Good luck!