Is this the year you spend the holidays at the beach?

The holiday season usually brings up memories of snow, fireplaces and comfort food. To many – that’s the best thing about the season! But the holiday season also isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. You’ve got family to deal with, shopping rushes, wrapping. cooking, and a whole mess of things to prepare for.

With all that in mind, sometimes it’s ok to break with tradition. This month, we’re going to talk about a few of the reasons as to why you might want to consider hitting the beach for the holidays. Lets jump right in!

Did we mention the holidays are a lot?

You want to know something that’s absolutely bananas about the holiday season? So scientists have done research and found that people are actually more stressed during the holidays than any, other, actual point of the year. Seriously! Emergency rooms see higher numbers of patients with stress related illnesses even! That’s nuts! So how about this?

Instead of running yourself ragged – why not just escape and give yourself the freedom to actually enjoy the season? Getting away from things, completely unplugging from the rest of the world – the whole nine yards. Imagine that – a *relaxing* holiday.

New traditions are ok!

It’s really hard to break ranks with the things you’ve done in the past. But if the pandemic has shown us anything over the last few years, it’s important to be able to adapt and do something new. Maybe this year’s the year to start fresh. Maybe the new tradition is renting a home on the beach. Or a trip to the local holiday festival. Maybe it’s a new place every year. Whatever you choose – a break from the norm is healthy for everyone.

The real gifts are the memories you create

People can say what they want – but presents and gifts come and go. The things we want and think we need today are often off in the distance in the rearview before you realise it. The real gift is your memories and shared experiences with the people who matter the most. So instead of gifts this year – how about quality time with the family. We promise – it’s going to lap any material present you get.

Yes, the holiday season can be celebrated at the beach. You can even bring your traditions with you. Pack those stocking, a book and some sunblock and prepare yourself for a new experience. We promise- Santa will have a way of finding you! Good luck, and above all else – have a happy, safe holiday season.