Buying shells in bulk: the basics

People buy seashells in bulk all the time – particularly more crafty types. Maybe it’s for crafting a decoration or it may even be for a business. Whatever the reason – there’s a high demand. Demand sellers are often eager to meet for a tidy profit. 

Today, we’re going to discuss some ways you can help yourself out – not only having a smoother experience but also saving a penny or two. Let’s jump right in!

Reputation is everything

While we’re a small business and support other small businesses – sometimes big business is the best answer and certainly when it comes to buying bulk seashells- you want to go big box. Bigger shell stores almost always get you great quality at great prices. Not only that, but they usually have a far larger selection as well. You may find some decent smaller ones – particularly if you’re looking for some niche shells – but by and large – big is the way to go. If you do opt to go small make sure you’re reading the reviews!

Do your homework on the seller

We hate saying this – but unfortunately in our line of work there’s some rather unscrupulous dealers out there. We’re talking about people trading illegal shells (yes there’s such a thing), folks who bend environmental regulations, and the like. Especially if you’re doing business overseas – be sure you’re doing your research. We also tell people – if you’re new to this and are looking for a sound moral guidepost – work with companies that abide by the regulations of the US Fish and Wildlife Department. 

Be prepared for imperfections 

Remember folks, we’re taking bulk sea shells here and with that you should expect, well – a lot of things. That means shells that vary in size, color, texture and the like. Some may also be a little damaged – that’s just the nature of these things. 

Like anything else in life – getting the most out of any experience requires a little due diligence and extra effort. Trust us when we say – it can go a long way. If you’re looking for bulk seashells or guidance on where to go – give us a call today and we’ll be happy to provide you with some help. Until then – good luck!