A sheller’s list of New Year’s Resolutions

For lovers of all things seashell related and beach going – there’s a lot to be thankful for after as full of a year as 2023 has been. This year, we’ll have more on our plate and as is customary around these parts – it’s time for those new year’s resolutions. 

The new year for many can be seen as a fresh start and today, we’ll throw some beach/shell-themed resolutions your way. Let’s jump right in!

Spend more time at the beach. Because…

You can achieve and spend time on many of your resolutions on the beach. Relaxing more and focusing on self-care? Check. Save money? Check. New hobbies? Plenty of ‘em! The beach isn’t just a great place to unwind – it’s a great place to sit down, take time and focus on the things you can work on in order to become the new you.

Try something new

Everyone always says that real personal growth occurs when we step outside of our comfort zone. Especially, when you’re at the beach there’s a lot there. You can go diving, parasailing, taking surf lessons, go fishing, so shelling – whatever triggers your curiosity, shed the apprehension and give it a try.

Take up a new hobby

Our hobby of choice has always been shelling, but maybe you want to get into something even more specific than that. Sailing, fishing, shark tooth hunting – there are so many things out there that can expand on existing interests and help to broaden your horizons. Like the old saying goes – ‘whatever floats your boat!’ 

Allow your beach related activities to be a centering part of your life

2024 could be a stressful year. Lots going on in the world and here, we’ll have a pretty high-octane presidential election coming up too. To say the least- if you want to find stressors in your life, it won’t be hard to come by them. That being said – when you get anxious or the world seems a bit much, it’s always good to hunker down and focus as much as possible on the things that bring you pleasure and enjoyment. Delve deeper into sea shell crafts. Spend more time at the beach when you can. Prioritize what’s important to you – and focus on that.

We hope you found today’s blog helpful. If you’d like to learn more about bulk seashells, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help. Until then, good luck!