Fall beach excursion essentials

Heading out to the beach is always fun -whether it’s simply shared memories with your family or yet another shelling excursion! With summer ending, we’re heading away from peak beach season but the reality is that some of us might not be quite ready for that yet! We still want more!

For those of you on your way out to the beach this fall, today’s blog is for you! Here are some fall beach packing tips for you so that you can enjoy your extended vacation all the more! Let’s jump right in!

Fall beach attire 

If you’re headed out to sack out or shell out – here’s the recommended attire. For starters you’ll want the usual – flips flops, swimsuit, and a few light layers. However the one thing is that the beach temperature can crash a little bit later in the day, so you’ll want to make sure you pack a sweatshirt. We’d also recommend a second top as well. Especially if you’re going to be tracking up and down the sand – you’ll want to have a clean change of clothes. 

Beach day essentials

While the sun might not be as intense – it still can do a number on your skin – particularly if you’re of the fairer variety. Pack some sunscreen just to be safe. Even with the sun at half strength- the reflection off the water can do a number on you. 

Also be sure to bring some of your other essentials – a towel, umbrella and a tote. Particularly if you’re planning on shelling, we might recommend a second, smaller one with which to gather shells. 


Not everyone gets the benefit of the sunny beaches with year-round warm weather we get here down in the Tampa, FL region – so if you’re up north you might want to bring some extras as swimming might not be on the dockett due to the water temperature. 

Beach toys are always great for the kids and books for those adults looking to get a little relaxation. Don’t rule out a bluetooth speaker though – which can be perfect for any beach-related outing – whether it’s a beer-filled birthday bash, a family fun day, romantic picnic or other excursion. 

We get it! We’re not ready for the good weather to go away, either. Hopefully you found today’s blog helpful and you’ll be able to get a little bit more excitement down at the beach this fall. Good luck!