3 essential components of a coastal kitchen

It’s almost kind of wild to think about how much time we spend in the kitchen as a family. Whether it’s at your home, home or your vacation home – so many things happen in this space. And there’s a good reason for this – kitchens are warm, inviting, you can do and make things – it’s a great space for just about anything. 

One of the more popular design concepts for kitchens is coastal design – or more specifically bringing that family feeling and combining it with the easy-going, relaxing feeling of being at the beach. Today we’re going to talk about a few of the essential ingredients that any coastal kitchen should have. Let’s jump right in!

Choosing the right colors

Colors are essential in choosing any kind of coastal ambiance. Blue always works – as it mostly checks a ton of boxes. Whether it’s a dark or light shade – it’s a must have color for any kind of beach or coastal inspired room.

Usually, blues are complemented by whites, but don’t be afraid to play around with more cream, sandy themed tones as well to bring things all together. You may even want to play with something that gives you a little more pop – like complimentary shades of gray or yellow. 

Tiles, textures and wood

So long as they’re done the right way – tiles can really be the focal point of any kitchen design – even those with a more coastal flair. You can create any number of backsplashes that are full of character and charm – with lots of different materials and colors to choose from. 

Blue, green and tan shades can offer that rolling ocean wave feeling while stones, shells and treasure tones can help really create some fascinating mosaics. Whichever way you go – this is where you can be liberally creative!

And don’t sleep on wood! Drift wood can make an incredible accent – large or small or if you’re feeling particularly courageous, you may want to consider wood paneling on your floor. This brings it all together!

Appliances matter!

Colored appliances are one of the most under-appreciated components of a great coastal kitchen design. One-well-colored pot, pan or even kitchen aid mixer can really bring all things together. 

If you’re a bargain hunter, too – finding older, more classical colors with older pots and pans like blue, turquoise, mint green and gray can really add a level of contrast to your kitchen that can make all the difference. 

Simply put, nothing brings more joy and a sense of openness and easiness quite like a coastal kitchen. If you’re looking for bulk seashells to provide the perfect accent, feel free to give us a call today. Now take your inspiration and go make something happen!