Seashell Craft Ideas: Bathroom

One way to make your bathroom more interesting is by using seashells in various creative roles. Here are a few, to get your idea juices flowing. I’m sure you can invent even more on your own.

Here we can make very good use of Google’s Image Search.

Shell Mirrors.
If you do an image search on Google for “seashell mirror” – you’ll see a ton of ideas. There are round ones, square ones, rectangles and ovals. Some are crazy-looking, and some are classy. Find one that fits your bath.

Soap Dish.
Now try an image search in Google for “seashell soap dish“. It’s amazing how many shells there are that make perfect dishes for soap. You can also use some shells to display other, smaller shells. Pick one or more that work for your special room.

Wall Art.
Finally, you deserve a real treat. Check out the amazing variety in Google Image Search for “seashell wall art“! The cool thing about shells as art is – their is something for everyone. Choose the idea you like best and get to work.

Once you see the ideas above, you’ll know exactly what seashells to get and what to do with them. Invest in a glue gun to attach your shells to frames or mirrors, and you can be creating beautiful shell art within hours. Have fun.