Why you should head to the beach in the spring

Down here in Florida, the weather is always nice, but before we know it – Spring will be upon us and some of you eager beach-goers and shellers will be out and about, pounding the sand in search of your next big find or taking a load off and escaping for a few weeks.

The spring is a great time to hit the beach, too – as there’s not too much traffic, but still plenty going on and things to do. Today, we’re going to share a few things with you so that you can get the most enjoyment out of your time. Let’s jump right in!

What kind of beach?

In the spring, you’ll sometimes have to take some time to think about what you want to get or even can realistically get out of your trip. Of course, this can be extremely weather dependent – but if you’ve got an activity in mind, there’s likely a beach for you. Whether it’s a traditional, lay out in the sun and sand beach – or one that’s more for things like nature walks and sight seeing – think about what you want and find a beach that works for you.

What’s going on?

One of the best parts of going to the beach in the spring is yes – there’s lots going on – but you can also get some killer discounts and deals going there because it’s early in the year. Galveston is famous for their early beach fare and events – and even if you’re in Tampa, FL or further down south – you can find a whole range of events from food truck runs to sand sculptures, concerts and family friendly activities. Heading to the beach early certainly has its benefits.

What’s it like out?

The one challenge is that Spring is the most volatile season of the year. Temperatures can definitely get up there depending on where you’re headed, but they can also crash quickly and the night time tends to be pretty cold. We’ve brought it up a few times here , but if you’re headed out to the beach this spring – definitely make sure you do a little advance scouting on weather patterns so you know what to expect as said weather can have a significant impact on what you’re able to do.

Enjoy the silence

While some of us find a lot of life in being part of bigger crowds; most of us go to the beach to get away and relax. In the spring, you’ll definitely be able to do that as there’s significantly less traffic in and around the coasts. Like we said – this lower traffic adds up quick too – as you’ll be able to find lodging and entertainment that’s significantly less expensive (and crowded) than those peak months. So if getting away is a priority for you – the spring is the time!

The beach in the Spring can be a real boon especially to those who feel like they’re chained to a desk all winter! Definitely take the time to plan right – but doing so can help you create some real, genuine memory-worthy experiences for you and your family. Good luck!