Tips for living on the beach

Some of us love the beach so much that we decide to straight-up move there. And what’s not to love? The ocean’s relaxing, it’s a more laid-back pace of life and well, to be honest – who doesn’t love the beach?

That being said, moving anywhere new can come with its own challenges and just like anything in life, moving to the beach has a few – and that’s what we’re here to discuss today. Here is some advice on living at the beach for those who are new to it, or about to take the plunge. Let’s jump right in!

Getting to know the locals

Just like anywhere, you want to get to know the locals. They’ll know the lay of the land. They’ll know the spots to go to. But most importantly – they’ll help the most with transitioning to your new lifestyle. Communities are called communities for a reason, so make sure you get to know people.

Explore the area

While the coastline is certainly beautiful, it’s not for everyone and what we mean by ‘not for everyone’ is many charities and the military own parts of the beach. Even some private businesses. Get a sense for the lay of the land – where you can go, where you should go, where you can’t go and why. Getting to know your surroundings will help make sure you inadvertently don’t get yourself into trouble.

Get ready for tourists!

If you live on the beach you can rest assured knowing that you’re going to encounter tourists – and a whole lot of ’em. Populations explode in the peak months and you should be ready for the longer lines, increase in traffic and yes, the expensive parking, too. Living on the beach comes with a lot of perks – but during peak season, your cost of living can take a decent jump. Just be prepared!

The offseason has its ups and downs too

Beach living is awesome, but one of the biggest misconceptions is that it’s warm, sunny and hopping at all times. That’s definitely not true! The beach can get cold in the winter months as the wide open ocean winds can come whipping inland. And those busy, bustling streets will now be empty, but restaurant and shop owners who are sure to be exhausted from catering to tourists, might he down-shifted into a much slower – or even reduced gear – meaning not everything you want will be at your fingertips. In beach communities it’s about the high high’s and the low low’s.

At the end of the day anywhere you go is going to have its ups and down and the beach is no different! If you’re on the fence, maybe you’ll have some food for thought to help you make a better decision for you. Good luck and we’ll see you next month!