What to do on a beach vacation when it rains

Everyone goes to the beach for the good, ole ‘fun in the sun.’ But as we all know – the weather doesn’t always cooperate! Rainy days at the beach can be a real downer for some, but especially during this season down here in Florida – it’s a reality of the season and something most people planning to spend time at the beach will have to be aware of. 

Here are some things you can do when it gets miserable out – and how you can make the most of that beach vacation when it rains. Let’s jump right in!


Of course we’re going to suggest this first! Believe it or not – the actual, real, legitimate best time to search for shells is going to be right after a rain storm or when it’s a little blah out. Why? Tides tend to churn and that churn means more shells get kicked up into the current. And where does the current end up? On the beach. We’re serious here – you can find some real treasures during murky weather. 

Check out the local pier and boardwalk

The one thing that’s great about the rain on vacation is it sends the crowds scattering and what would be an otherwise crowded place, bustling with activity (and lines) is now pretty empty. That especially goes for things like boardwalks and beachside restaurants and amenities. You won’t have to wait four hours for food. You’ll be able to whiz in and out of stores and local attractions – and guess what! You might actually enjoy them!

Hit the major non-beach attractions

OK, you got us, we just said go where the crowds aren’t and well, this one might be the opposite of that; but we definitely recommend getting those local, indoor attractions out of the way. You can’t go to the beach anyway, so you might as well check out the local museum, theater, aquarium or hot spot. Prioritizing on vacation can get difficult – especially when there’s so much to do – and sometimes it’s nice to just let the weather make the call for you and push you in the direction of something you’d want to do. 
Like we said – a rainy day isn’t a desirable one at the beach – but sometimes we don’t’ have a choice. Hopefully these tips will give you some ideas on some things you can do to make the most of your time, even if it isn’t exactly what you’d want to be doing. Best of luck and enjoy your vacation! Happy shelling!