Seashell Wind Chimes

As the wind blows gently past my sun deck, the music of the wind chimes soothes my mood. In our technological world, where phones and computers and TV’s consume many hours of each day, it’s kind of nice to take a break sometimes.

It’s amazing how Nature provides both the seashells and the wind to give us this welcome departure from the chaos of modern living. I sit back, close my eyes, and let the music of the chimes calm my battered nervous system.

Depending on which seashells are used for the wind chime, we get a nice variety of sounds. And the force of the wind also affects this melody. Interesting how it’s constantly changing, as the wind rises up and drops down.

Yes, it’s one of my little secret sanctuaries; my seashell wind chimes. The next time you’re feeling a bit stressed out, perhaps you could get you one or two of these magical instruments. Take a break from the rat-race and relax to a little of Nature’s own music.

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