Starting Your Own Business With Seashells

For those with a love for hand crafting things, and a desire to be self employed, seashell products can be an excellent way to get started.

Most people like the beach and seashells are a pleasant reminder of those good times we enjoyed there. By adding some ‘Yankee Ingenuity’  to any of the many varieties of seashells that exist, the result can become a great line of products to sell.

Some examples would include –

Seashell Jewelry. From necklaces to earrings to bracelets, seashells can be fashioned into some beautiful accessories. Check out some of the possibilities at our Seashell Jewelry site.

Wind chimes. With care, some seashells can be hung from string, wire, or fish line to create some remarkable chimes. Here, you need imagination and a bit of musical talent to build your own, unique wind chimes that can sell like “hotcakes”.

Shell Mirrors.  Starting with a plain old framed mirror, use a glue gun to attach your favorite small seashells to the frame. With an eye for symmetry and balance, you could build a true work of art in a very short time.

Seashell Lights. One interesting thing about most seashells is that they are translucent. This means they make good “lamp shades” so to speak. By combining lighting and seashells, there is no end to the combinations and effects to be made.

There are many other ways to use seashells as a raw material in creating fabulous products for your own craft business. Of course, you’ll need a good source of these shells. That’s where Blue Seas Trading Co. comes in – check out the variety and low prices on our wholesale page for Sea Shells.  Or give us a call at 1-888-425-8373