Why Buy Sea Shells From Blue Seas Trading Company?

When I visited the Blue Seas Trading Company warehouse awhile back, I was greeted by the owner, Menal Sukhadwala. He gave me a tour of their amazing building, starting with a showroom full of displays.

There were not only displays of many types of seashells, but also shell jewelry, wind-chimes, and many other collectibles sold by Blue Seas.

Then we moved into the main warehouse filled with thousands of large boxes full of every kind of sea shell you can imagine, and literally tons of souvenir merchandise. This building is large enough to have a football field in it with room to spare!

When stores order sea shells and other souvenir materials, they get it fast from Blue Seas Trading Co., since everything is in stock. Orders get shipped fast and that means customers get their goods faster from Blue Seas than from other dealers.

Menal’s great, great, great, great, great grandfather started the company over 100 years ago. Each generation has passed on the knowledge and experience to the next. So this family business is about as dependable as it gets in the real world.

Buying your sea shells and other souvenirs from Blue Seas Trading Company means fast delivery of quality products from a dedicated family business.