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Wholesale Seashells: The World’s Fascination

The World Loves Wholesale Seashells

The fascinating part about wholesale seashells is they come in many colors, sizes, and shapes from the ocean with the help of waves. When we were young, most of our parents told us that the sound of the sea is captured in a seashell if we put it next to our ears. The truth is, what is happening is the seashell amplifies the sounds that are around us.

The question we now have to ask is who owns them? According to the Times of Malta website, Stephanie Fsadni, a marine biology mentioned that these formations of nature are from different marine molluscs. Over 100,000 molluscs are around the world and are listed below for you to learn more about:

Gastropods: These are the wholesale seashells that are a part of the body of snails.

Limpets: We find these on the surface of most rocks. When limpets latch onto rocks, it helps it not to get lost under waves.

Bivalves: These are oysters and clams that have two halves and made of shell

Scaphopods: These shells look like very small walrus tasks or elephants.

The History of Molluscs

There are over 100,000 species of molluscs found around the world that gets washed ashore. It is a diverse animal group in biodiversity found in tropical places or locations with beaches. Harbour areas that have nutrient rich waters are more likely to have a large population of shells that we provide our customers as wholesale seashells. A majority of molluscs live on seabeds because of the rich vegetation. In other cases, some seashells are too heavy to be washed onto the beach.

Shells that are on marine molluscs are stronger than terrestrial shells and break easily. When a mollusc is alive, most of the time it is not carried by a current or wave and will attach itself to rocks because it thrives on ocean water. If it finds its way out of the ocean, its body parts break down leaving a hard and empty shell.

The empty shells are then found by hermit crabs and are at times discovered by humans for collection which has helped Blue Seas Trading Co. to find the best wholesale seashells for you to call your own.

 Who is Blue Seas Trading Co?

We are a family owned wholesale seashell company that has been in the business for over ten years with a reputation for high-quality products sold at reasonable prices. Our company believes in the importance of customer service, and we look forward to doing business with you. Please give us a call at 1-888-425-8373 to place an order.

On behalf of the team, we want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Wholesale Seashells: Study Reveals Why Seashells Do Not Easily Break

Blue Seas Trading Company sells wholesale seashells to retail stores and wholesalers around the world. One of the misconceptions about seashells is these forms of nature are easy to break making it a no go to sell to their customers. We looked far and wide to find out more about this myth to dispel the negative ideas about one of natures best gifts to the ocean. Call us at 1-888-425-8373 to place your next order! Check out our variety of souvenir items that your customers will appreciate.

Pick up wholesale seashells and hold it in your hand. How does it feel? It feels fragile and easy to break because of the soft shell. The truth is science has discovered that seashells do not break as easily as people think. Another misconception is that because its internal materials have a single compound the object has to be fragile. A good example of this is seashells and chalk which have calcium carbonate crystals that are different regarding strength.

Many people believe that when materials have the same compound, they are exactly similar. Seashells and chalk are perfect examples of this belief because they are both made of calcium carbonate crystals, but they are completely different regarding strength. Have you heard of the seashell secret? Here it goes. Lobster claws and seashells can be difficult to break. However, chalk breaks easily with little pressure. The harder objects have clusters of softer biological matter that helps build their strength that can withstand damage and pressure.

The Strength in Calcium Carbonate


Did you know calcium is an essential material for life? Without calcium, animals would not be able to create pearls or exoskeletons. Even the small bones in our ears consist of organic biominerals that turn into a weak calcium

Calcium Carbonate And Its Strength

Scientists have worked hard to study how organisms create calcium on their own. There are fundamental geochemical principles that can form and create synthetic materials with unique properties.

An experiment conducted by scientists using organic molecules to make spheres dubbed micelles. They noticed that the calcium carbonate had proteins and other documents that provide seashells its strength. The spheres began to grow calcite after micelles were added to the water mixture. The micelles compress into springs that build a strain helping the shell of wholesale seashells to become difficult to break.

“These results give new insight into the formation of occlusions in natural and synthetic crystals, and will facilitate the synthesis of multifunctional nanocomposite crystals,” the study said.

Wholesale Seashells: Exclusive Deals

The Wholesale Seashells Deals For You

Your customers want wholesale seashells to throw a party with, put a smile on a sea lovers face, to decorate their home and give a souvenir to a family member that lives in a different country. A specialty store that has all the seashell themed gifts that you need are here at Blue Seas Trading Co. Don’t spend time driving around your city trying to find Christmas ornaments, trendy drinkware, beach towels, photo frames and much more.

We included a list of gifts for you to place in your retail stores and online website that your customers and wholesale seashell buyers will appreciate. Call us now at 1-888-425-8373 to place an order!


The election ballots are in! Whether you are a Trump or Hilary supporter, your customers can celebrate the win and love for our great nation with this U.S. towel. It can be placed in the bathroom for show, given to a friend that received their Citizenship or as a gift this Christmas. Be creative and have fun!


A first gift for a little girl, a birthday present for a customers mother or a unique gift for a grandmother. Your customers can place their earrings, rings, bracelets, buttons and sentimental gifts in these jewelry boxes to pass down to generations to come.


Not all of your customers will have a chance to visit the beautiful island of St. Croix or San Antonio but the plastic name drops that we sell will make them feel special.

Seashell Lights

This wholesale seashell piece of art is one of a kind. Children love it, adults appreciate the art and beach lovers are reminded of the Atlantic Ocean. Your customers can place it in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or living room. Add these lights to your shopping cart and place them in the front of your retail store.


Mothers Day and Fathers Day may have passed but its not too late to show your parents love. Add these mini cups and magnets to stocking stuffers. The holidays are almost here and your customers are searching for affordable deals. Take advantage of these mini gifts customers can share with coworkers, classmates and neighbors.

Our Wholesale Seashells Company

The Blue Seas Trading Co. team wants to wish you an early Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas. Fill your stores with our wholesale seashells merchandise to help create long lasting memories for your customers.

Wholesale Seashells: Plan an Under the Sea Party

Wholesale Seashells Parties

There are many ways to plan and decorate a creative party for children and adults. We are excited to share how you can set up an Under the Sea party for your children’s birthday. It can also be used for a baby shower or a creative house warming party with adult attendees. Our wholesale seashells with ocean themed food and decorations will be the talk of the year. Place an order on our website or give us a call at 1-888-425-8373 today!

Under the Sea Decorations

  • The use of white and turquoise colors will resemble the ocean and sand at a beach. Use a tulle and net to cover the top of the party tables whether the party will be inside or outdoors.
  • Spread cut and sliced shells, dyed and colored shells and starfish on the table to add to the Under the Sea party theme.
  • Place annulus shell mats on the table under a plate of food and card holders can be used to hold the names of each pot of food which is helpful vegetarians and red meat dishes. Use your resources to create printed signs and draw waves on the signs to match the theme of the party.
  • Hang Shell Chandeliers around the house, hang beach towels in the bathrooms, and place beach themed drink ware on the table to impress your guests.

Check out more of our wholesale seashells selection to add to your party!

Under the Sea Treats

  • The long list of food that you can serve at this party is endless. A popular ocean themed treat is called edible ocean sea glass.
  • Make homemade chocolate sea shells using plastic seashell chocolate molds. The chocolate covered treats will be a creative addition to the sweet treats. Sprinkle graham cracker crumbs with brown sugar underneath the deserts to give it a sand like appearance. Adults will appreciate a twist of “seaweed” popcorn with different colors.

Don’t forget to include wholesale seashells coolies for your guests that are planning to enjoy a cold beer.

Under the Sea Dinner

A party during lunch time is a good way to get your guests and their children home safely before it gets too late. If you are planning a party dinner for a mature or adult crowd, here are a few tips to use:

A taco bar with different toppings for vegetarians and red meat lovers is a start. Add all of the ingredients on your ocean themed table. This gives people a chance to eat, chat and choose taco options they desire.

Under the Sea Cake

Visit your local bakery or take the time to find an ocean inspired cake at the grocery store. Each layer can have a different color such as blue, white and turquoise.

Graham crackers and brown sugar lightly sprinkled on the top of the cake will resemble the rich sand at a beach.

Who to Call for Wholesale Seashells

Do you need help with more wholesale seashells? Remember to call us and we will help you with ideas to make your party a success.

Wholesale Seashells: Meditation and Storybook Reading for Children

Our Wholesale Seashells Discover for Meditation

A literary author found a way to teach children how to meditate by using an unconventional practice. It is a natural way to find inner peace that is better known as seashell meditation and wholesale seashells can easily be used to help your child to get started. The author named Patsy Bunfil came up with the concept after a meditation seminar with a focus on children learning how to zone in on their Zen.

The Writer wrote a 10 book collection that uses a seashell method to help children focus and concentrate in a short story. Children can use this method later on in life when the reality of adulthood arrives. Seashell meditation has helped kids let go fears, stress and anger. Early education can be a good start to a healthy lifestyle for the body, mind and soul. Your child can also teach this method to other people that they know when they get older, and eventually to their children to pass down to generations to come.

How it Works from a Wholesale Seashells Perspective

The way it works is wholesale seashells are used as a tool for better focus and concentration. The sounds that seashells make helps children to relax and concentrate as a story is being read. Children and have been able to gain inner peace and self-awareness as mediation has provided for so many people that regularly practice it.

Another way to create a serenity in your home is to decorate your place with chimes, sail boat photo frames, and put Sea Shell magnets on the refrigerator of your children’s report cards or drawings. This will add personality and a sense of relaxation to home. Blue Seas Trading co. Inc. can help you find more inspiration on how you can add a piece of the beach in your home. There is a list of unique items on our website for you to choose from as a gift, to decorate your office or in your home.

Our Wholesale Seashells to Purchase

Call Blue Seas Trading to get the finest wholesale seashells in the market.